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too sensitive a person

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I decided a long time ago that I cannot be friends with overly-sensitive individuals and I certainly cannot date overly-sensitive men. I understand that there are good attributes to such personalities. They are compassionate and emotionally intelligent. But, it’s a personality that just doesn’t work for me to be super close with. If I pick up on the fact that someone is extra sensitive, I just make a mental note to not get too involved. It’s a type of friend I’m detoxing from my life. I know that I will A) accidentally upset them on the regular and B) not be willing to put in the work to fix things. That might sound like I’m a real b*tch, but as I elaborate, you’ll see that’s not the case. I’m an assertive open book and assertive open books don’t do well with the sensitive type. I am sensitive enough, meaning if someone I care about says they need something, I’m on it. But I’m no mind-reader. Here is why I can’t befriend overly-sensitive people.


I can’t predict the needs of others

I refuse to predict the needs of others. I had one very sensitive friend once who arrived at one of my parties. She later told me she was a bit hurt by the fact that I didn’t tell her, in advance, that this other friend who she’d apparently told me, long ago, she had a scuff-up with, would be there. I’m sorry but we’re all grown adults. They should just smile and get along for my sake and furthermore, when I’m planning an event, I cannot possibly be expected to remember who exactly likes and doesn’t like who or what fight happened years ago.

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