Do We Need To Stop Referring To Boyfriends As “Hubby?” Loni Love Says There Are Levels To This

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Talk show host Loni Love has been dating her boo James Welsh for awhile and the two are totally happy and in love.

But the comedian doesn’t want anyone to rush James to “husband” level without the actual commitment.

“The Real” star took to Twitter where she explained someone recently texted her an invite to a party, and called her boyfriend, “Hubby.” The innocent title change rubbed Loni the wrong way.

“Someone texted me..”come to my event and bring your hubby”… I texted back “I don’t have a hubby. I have a boyfriend”.. some of y’all get yo boyfriends mixed up with what a hubby is.. I don’t.. that’s a different level,” she shared.

Even if the term “hubby” is used in jest, a lot of modern millennials use this language for their significant others even if they are not married–and perhaps giving this title before the commitment can be a little emotionally or financially risky.

Our relationships have departed from the social traditions of the past that looked down upon people for “shacking up” or co-habitating with a partner before jumping the broom. Since having a live in boyfriend/girlfriend is no longer taboo, a lot of people have adopted the roles of husband and wife by splitting bills, having kids, and sharing responsibilities without a legal or spiritual union. There’s no shame in this if you have no interest in marriage, but for those who do, giving a partner the “wifey” or “hubby” title ahead of an agreed upon commitment can lead to heartache if you make life or financial sacrifices and the union ends.

This isn’t to say that being married is some rock solid guarantee of a forever love, but most married couples have at least had crucial conversations concerning their finances, lifestyle and values and have agreed to maintain a connection through thick and thin. Folks who are dating and operating with the same mindset may end up disappointed if they’ve made dramatic life changes for a temporary bond.

It’s okay to pace yourself and give each stage of partnership and commitment the time, dedication and sacrifice it deserves.

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