Al Sharpton Chin Checks Trump After Unleashing Racist Attacks On Sharpton, Rep. Elijah Cummings & Black Residents Of Baltimore

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Al Sharpton, Donald Trump, Elijah Cummings

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Trump has moved on in his series of racist, targeted attacks from “the squad” to two prominent Black male leaders over the weekend.

On Saturday Trump tweeted a scathing rebuke of Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has served as the city’s representative in congress for over 20 years. Cummings is also one of the most senior members of congress as the chair of the Oversight and Reform Committee, which spent most of the last two years investigating Trump’s administration.

In his tweets Trump advertised that the Charm City is infested with rats and “a very dangerous & filthy place” where “no human being would want to live.” Trump and his crew of cronies believe Cummings was a justified target because he publicly condemned the inhumane conditions at the southern border at the hands of ICE agents and the Department of Homeland Security.

Writers, activists and politicians laid into Trump over his comments, actively pointing out that Trump’s words lacked the accountability of systematic racism, and how it affects Black residents and their ability to obtain economic opportunity, land ownership and education.

An emotional segment by CNN anchor Victor Blackwell gained thousands of retweets over the weekend after he rebuked the racist attacks on his hometown.

As photos of Sharpton revealed he was on his way to Baltimore over the weekend, Trump then unleashed a series of attacks on Sharpton, calling him a “con man,” by using his favorite medium, Twitter. He also rfixed his Twitter hands to spew that Sharpton “hates whites and cops,” a robo call to the groups of white supremacists who openly support the President of the United States.

Sharpton hit back at Trump on Monday during two separate press conferences where he swatted Trump like the fly he is.

“Call me a troublemaker. Yes, I make trouble for bigots,” Sharpton said. “As far as me being a con man, if he really thought I was a con man he’d be nominating me for his Cabinet.”

“He attacks everybody. I know Donald Trump, he’s not mature enough to take criticism … he’s like a child,” Sharpton said at a second news conference in Baltimore on Monday. “But he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color.”

Cummings took to Twitter to defend himself against Trump’s rhetoric on Saturday.

Trump continues to double down on his message as of Monday morning, calling Cummings a “racist.” Since he’s taken office, he’s unleashed similar racist messaging on cities with large Black populations including Chicago. And whether or not you acknowledge some of Sharpton’s problematic history, we should all be well aware of Trump’s distracting playbook as his calls for impeachment grow loud and strong.

Can we just thrown 2016-2020 in rice and start over?

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