When Gender Reveal Parties Backfire

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Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days. And while those who don’t have kids may have their own feelings about attending these in the first place (one of the many battles between parents and non-parents), I have to admit there are a lot of fun ideas for these. The gender reveal party has opened a whole world of possibilities for fun party games, themes, food, and more. And it is an exciting moment in a family’s life—learning if they’re having a little girl or a little boy. It’s the moment they can finally start buying clothes and decorating the nursery. They can start picking a name, too! Or, at the very least, stop arguing over whose choice wins since one parent clearly has the better idea for the eventual gender. That being said, there’s always an element of surprise to these parties and sometimes surprises backfire. Like this.



The frosting was purple

I was at a gender reveal party that was one of the classics: the couple would just cut open a cake, and the color of the frosting inside would reveal the gender. The baker had the ultrasound, it was all pretty simple. But, something went wrong at the bakery and the frosting was…purple. Purple?! And by the time they cut open the cake, it was after hours for the bakery, so they couldn’t call and get an answer.


The dad yelled an expletive

I was at a gender reveal party and it was revealed the couple was having a girl. And it was revealed that the dad had really wanted a son. Like, really, really wanted one to the point that he started throwing things and yelling expletives. This was all caught on camera.


A devastated sibling

At one party, the expecting couple already had one child—a little boy. I guess that boy really wanted a brother because when he found out he was having a sister, he threw a tantrum, crying and screaming on the ground, and locking himself in the bathroom. That sort of stole the magic of the party.


It was the other kid’s birthday party

One couple sort of did a sneak attack gender reveal party. They invited everyone over for the fifth birthday party of their daughter, and at it, brought out a gender reveal cake for their incoming baby. It was actually thoughtful of the guests’ time because, well, one less party to attend, but you know who wasn’t happy? The five-year-old who thought this party was for her. Boy were there tears.


Nobody can finish the treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is fun but, maybe don’t have one when the stakes are so high that if nobody can finish it, you don’t find out the gender of the baby. Which is what happened at one party I attended.


Nobody can open the piñata

It’s funny when the person can’t open it after a few swings. It becomes less funny when the piñata is so hard to open that the person with the bat becomes aggressive and frustrated, and by the time the piñata is open, he’s lost the will to live.


The balloon flies away

Whoops! Popping a balloon with the gender written inside is a fun idea! Until somebody accidentally unties that balloon and it goes flying away.


A dog ate the cake

Here’s what I’ll say: if you have a dog, particularly a food-driven breed like Labradors or basset hounds, and you want to have a gender reveal cake, do not take that cake out of the fridge until it’s time to cut it. Really, not a second earlier. I have a friend who had to wait for her dog to poop before she could see the frosting color. Well, she just called the baker, but still.


It’s twins, and news to everyone

If a couple is going to find out they’re having twins, it’s best to discover that in private. Finding out you’re having twins can mean, to some couples, finding out that you are about to be financially devastated. It doesn’t exactly put a smile on everyone’s face…right away.


The WiFi cuts out

One couple had a plan to FaceTime their doctor, who was on standby, and would tell them the gender for everyone at the party to hear. But right as the doctor said it, the WiFi cut out. And by the time it came back, that doctor was in an appointment and couldn’t talk.


A very woke baker

This didn’t happen to my friend but to a friend of a friend: they ordered a gender reveal cake, and when they opened it at home, the frosting just said, “Gender is a societal construct” and the frosting was just chocolate. That’s what happens when millennials get their hands on your gender reveal plans.


The color-blind friend

We all actually learned that a friend in our group was color blind when he was asked to buy the frosting for the gender reveal cupcakes and he bought…green frosting. It was funny, but also a sad moment for him.


A mix-up at the doctor’s office

I know several couples who went through all the commotion of planning the party (already having known the gender). Buying the pink cocktail mix, pink décor, pink cupcakes, and making “It’s a girl” shirts for everyone, only to get a call from the doctor saying, “Oops. I gave you the wrong one.”


A very bad artist

One couple asked a friend to use frosting to draw a boy or girl baby on the top of the cake as a surprise. Then, when they opened the box, everyone gathered around and said… “Huh.” That’s when they just had to tell the friend he was a terrible artist and nobody could tell what he’d drawn.


A lost time capsule

Some couples create a time capsule with all sorts of things from the time they conceived, or recent news around the world or their neighborhood, and put the gender reveal inside an envelope in it. They burry it, and plan on digging it up at the party. But some couples can’t find the capsule…and have to destroy their yard to do so.

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