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For couples who tend to be a bit more public with their love, going “Instagram official” can be a really big deal. No, it’s not the same as Facebook where a big announcement is sent to your friends and family that you are “in a relationship,” but that first posted photo with bae can still stir up some positive or negative reactions.

“IG serves as a public announcement to the world that you’re a couple. Therefore, it’s a big deal and should be approached with care,” NYC relationship expert Susan Winter told Elite Daily. “Expect commentary from ‘Congratulations!’ to ‘Didn’t know you broke up with Josh.’ Most of the commentary will be positive but some could be negative.”

Be prepped for both. Also, be open to talking to your partner about your shared social media presence before posting away.

“Are you both of the same mind? Is your decision mutual? If not, you’ll be in the middle of a mess that can damage your future with this person,” Winter said of IG couples.

It’s possible that you both may have different ideas of what’s appropriate to share with the world and what is way too personal. Make sure you both get clear on what that looks like as early as you can.

You may also noice that you post more than your partner, or vice versa. There is no right or wrong way to do this–but not communicating about it may make one of you feel hidden or not important.

“Some people keep people more private. However, it is a conversation to have,” life coach Nina Rubin told Elite Daily. “If you’re introducing your partner and posting but they haven’t told anyone about you, this is a lopsided relationship that you may want to rethink.”

Last, don’t be so caught up in how things look online that you forget to nurture connection in real life.

“There can be pressure to curate pictures for Instagram that may not be truthful representations of the relationship,” Rubin said. “It can make one person feel overly exposed if they’re not as keen on Instagram as the posting member of the relationship.”

Expressing boundaries and making sure you post in genuine moments–not out of pressure to make you and your boo look “cool,” is an important practice.

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