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eating habits and health

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I’m always the last one to finish my plate. I’m not trying to bother everyone or make everybody late to our next plans. I just know how good it is for us to eat slowly. I’m usually only halfway through my meal when everyone else has already cleaned their plates. I’m sure it drives my dining companions a bit crazy. But, if anything, I’d like to encourage them to do the same. I used to be a lightning fast eater. I was also, on a very-much related note, 20 pounds heavier at that time. I just led a hectic life and I felt that if I could scarf down my meal in 10 minutes or less that I was winning because I could go do more stuff. But it’s not like any of that stuff was really improving my life. I was just keeping busy for busy’s sake. None of it—the way I ate or the way I lived—was good for me. Eating slowly wasn’t just about my weight or diet: it was part of a lifestyle change. Here are changes you’ll notice if you eat slowly.

eating habits and health

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You’ll feel less stressed

The act of rushing has a way of making us feel rushed, even if there isn’t really any reason to hurry. Eating quickly sends signals to your brain that you are in a hurry, and that causes stress for no reason at all. Slowing down to eat will calm your body, which will in turn calm your mind.

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