Your Partner May Think You Want To Break Up With Them If You Start Texting Like This

July 11, 2019  |  

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In the last two decades, texting has become one of the primary forms of communication for many couples. Texting helps bridge the gap between schedules, whether a couple is a part for work or traveling. But if suddenly your ability to text your partner effectively declines for some reason, you may make your significant other worry that a break up is inevitable.

If those aren’t the vibes you are trying to convey, make sure you text your boo often, frequently, and respond promptly. On the other hand, if you want to start to pull away from your partner, you can send the message of goodbye through your behavior.

“When you want to break up with someone, your texting habits change as you consciously or subconsciously try to distant yourself from that person,” Claudia Cox, relationship coach and founder of Text Weapon, old Elite Daily. “You might stop using cute nicknames, whereas before you would throw in a cute ‘Hey babe!’ Your once flirty, full-of-emoji texts become dry and lifeless, because texting turns into an obligation instead of a pleasure.”

Here are some other ways you can convey through text that it’s over.

Short Texts

“Everyone is different, but some common ways are avoiding conversations or commitments, neglecting to mention important things, and just giving off a general indifferent attitude of ‘Whatever,’ Cox told Elite Daily

You Don’t Engage

“You’ll show how emotionally checked out you are through your texts,” Cox said. “They ask you how your day was and you answer ‘Fine’ as you scroll your Insta feed. Or, they have a big presentation at work, and you don’t wish them luck or ask them how it went. Or, they ask you where you guys should go for vacation this year and you reply with something vague like ‘I don’t know, that’s so far away.'”

You Focus On Everyone Else 

“There are subtle changes too, like who you reach out to when something good or bad happens,” Cox said. “Before, you would have texted your partner about your big news, whether it’s a promotion or a huge fight with your parents, but now you rely on a someone else for support.”

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