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We couldn't have done it without each other

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We all try to “let relationships evolve organically,” but if you’re someone who wants to get married, eventually you’re going to start wondering if your significant other is “the one.”

It can be hard to distinguish between a “now” mate and a “life mate,” but there are a couple of signs you can look out for to determine if your current partner has “I do” potential.

First thing you have to know is love is not enough.

“Being in love and getting married are not the same thing,” Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, told Elite Daily. “Marriage is a contract — an emotional, physical, social, spiritual and logistical transaction. Love is a feeling. Marriage should be absolutely 100% discussed explicitly. No beating around the bush.”

Here are some other ways you can figure out if your relationship can go the distance.

You All Have Mastered Conflict Resolution

Everyone argues, but how you move on from disagreements is almost more important than having them to begin with.

“You do have disagreements and you can work through them — you argue and disagree but in a way that reminds you both you are on the same team,” Dr. Klapow told Elite Daily.

“You believe deeply that they will be there for you in times of conflict and crisis. You trust them and their ability to work with you through the toughest of times.”

You Aren’t Struggling With “Grass Is Greener” Syndrome

If you look at your partner and think of all the things they are lacking that you would like in a partner, chances are, you are settling. You shouldn’t have to struggle to see your partner longterm.

“You see yourself with them easily in the future,” Dr. Klapow said.

“You don’t have to work hard to imagine a life together you envision being together. You have no interest or hesitation, or concern about being interested in someone else. There is no fear at all that you are missing out on something else or someone else.”

You’ve Discussed It

“Marriage is a topic that should be discussed, explored, analyzed, thought about, processed — all of this should be done together as a couple and individually,” Dr. Klapow advised.

“If you don’t communicate explicitly about wanting to get married, having a timeline, setting boundaries and parameters, discussing expectations, etc., you may be very surprised to find out you are not on the same page.”

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