How Grocery Shopping Online Can Change Everything

June 25, 2019  |  
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I recently started grocery shopping online and my goodness do I feel silly for not doing it sooner. I used to think it was such a fancy person thing to do. In fact, the very first time I became familiar with online grocery shopping and grocery delivery services was at my rather wealthy childhood friend’s house. I was visiting her at her New York City penthouse apartment when someone rang the doorbell, her mom answered the door, and in came a man delivering bags of produce. New York is definitely a nice place to get this service since the good grocery store lines here can go on for hours. We’re looking at you Trader Joe’s Union Square. But, it’s helpful wherever you live—big city or quiet suburbia. And, keep in mind that most places offer free delivery so long as you meet a delivery minimum. That minimum is usually what you’d spend anyways at the store—around $50—so it’s no loss. Here is how online grocery shopping will change your life.


Scout for coupons in an instant

You’re already on your computer, so you can use plug-ins like Honey to instantly scour the Internet for coupons for every single item you’re buying. Doing this at the last minute on your smartphone when you’re already at the cash register is a pain in the butt and rarely works out.


Don’t let smells entice you

You won’t pass by the freshly baked pastries, the pizzas that are just out of the oven, or the fried food deli section. You’ll stop letting your nose lead the way, and you’ll stop winding up with plenty of fatty foods you didn’t mean to buy.


If you work from home, you save money

If you work from home then you actually save money by grocery shopping online and having your food delivered. Think about it: let’s say you make $25 an hour from home. Even if the grocery store charges a $5 or $10 delivery charge, going to the store yourself would have easily taken you an hour. So that trip actually cost you $25. Meanwhile, you can keep happily working at home while the grocery store brings the food to you.


No unpleasant interactions

Think of all the unpleasant interactions you have at the grocery store that ruin your day. There’s the person who cuts you in line. There’s the rude cashier. There’s the woman screaming at her child. There’s the customer who loses her temper because the fresh fish person takes too long to show up at the counter. You leave feeling like you’ve been through emotional warfare.


Check what you need while shopping

Once you’re at the store, you can’t remember whether or not you have pasta or oregano at home. So you buy some, potentially doubling up for nothing. When you grocery shop online, all you have to do is get up and check your kitchen to see what you need and what you already have.


Buy ingredients for recipes in real time

Shopping for a special recipe is so much easier when you grocery shop online. If you need a dairy-free substitute for something, you can look up several ways to make it online, and pick your favorite one before buying those ingredients. You can pull up recipes as you shop.


No standing in line by the treats

Standing in line is when you really get in trouble. There’s all the candy. There’s the little refrigerator of soda. There are the gift cards to the movie theaters that you pick up “Just in case.” There are the trashy magazines. Avoid all of that when you shop online.


Saved grocery lists

Most online grocers will also save your last shopping list, so you don’t have to write up a new one every time you shop. In fact, if your shopping habits are pretty consistent, you can just hit “Buy again” on the last list and you’re all done.


Never deal with the parking lot again

The grocery store parking lot is one tense place. People wait forever for a spot, and just as they’re about to pull into it, someone comes from the other direction and swoops in, causing a full-on yelling match. Then there are the carts scattered everywhere, dinging your car. Stay away from all of that and shop online.


“Forgetting” something just costs you a click

If you go grocery shopping in person and come home to realize you forgot something, you have to drive back to the store. If you shop online and realize you forgot something, you can just open the website and add it.


Compare prices at your desk

Comparing prices becomes especially easy when you grocery shop online. Maybe one place offers great deals on produce but the prices for fresh meat and fish are up the wall. So you find another online vendor for that. You don’t have to drive from one to the other to compare prices.


Fewer impulse buys overall

You’ll make fewer impulse buys in general. You won’t deal with the manipulative way grocery stores are set up. You don’t need everything in your willpower to avoid those problematic parts of the store. You aren’t inundated with unhealthy products, protruding from shelves.


There are no “busy times” online

You know that if you go to the grocery store at the wrong time, it can ruin your day. But there are no busy times online. There are no long lines. There are no crammed parking lots or over-worked deli attendants.


You’ll eliminate other useless “errands”

You know that once you’re out, you run other “errands” you say you need to run, because they’re just there. Like stopping into that cute new shoe store or popping into that new pet store to buy your dog a sweater.


Avoid solicitors

If you don’t go to the store, you can avoid the Girl Scouts selling their cookies and the people asking for donations for organizations that may or may not be real.

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