A Viral Text Exchange Shows Why The Act Of Dating Sometimes Compares To A Dumpster Fire

June 10, 2019  |  

But I don't think I can...

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Dating can be so polarizing.

While some have access to a plethora of suitable admirers, others encounter men who want all the return with no investment. Henceforth brining us to a recent text exchange that went viral, showing the horrors that often transpire in the dating world.

Twitter user @LordKleroy shared a text exchange that was forwarded to him by his friend, showcasing a jaw-dropping encounter she had with a 37-year-old grown man over the idea of “grabbing a drink.”

“Yoooo My friend just sent me this. Ladies, is this what y’all deal with??? (This a 37 yr old man),” @LordKleroy wrote.


Notice that at the top of the the woman placed a clown emoji over the man’s name to describe the foolishness of what lies ahead in this tragic conversation. But in the beginning, things start out cordial and normal, until it’s not.

The text exchange begins with the unknown man inquiring about when he can see his love interest again.

“I’m all for grabbing a drink somewhere. Is there a place in the city that you like,” the woman texts back. But her act of simply suggesting drinks, triggers something. And this is where things take a jaw dropping turn.

“So based on what I asked which was to see you for a few minutes and that it did not have to be a date your response was telling me that you’re all for a date by us going somewhere to grab drinks,” he wrote. “My question is when can I see you without it being a date I don’t care if it’s me pulling up and you coming outside and us talking outside of the car or sitting in the car talking or whatever.”

The woman in question, promptly and rightfully shuts this idea down. “I’m not really a pull up and sit outside in the car and talk kind of a girl. At least not with men I don’t really know,” she continues.

But the “suitor” still feels the woman has it all wrong and goes on to explain that they can arrange a meeting anywhere, even in a grocery store parking lot. He even gets specific and suggests a 7-11, or the parking lot of her apartment complex.

However at this point the woman wants nothing more to do with him or the conversation and tells him so.

“I think this is where I get off. I am 38, I’m not about to be sitting outside in a car in front of my home like some 18 year old. And grabbing a drink is NOT a date. It’s literally no different than grabbing a coffee or Starbucks,” she continued.

While we can argue over what constitutes as a date, one thing was made clear here. And that was that the man in question wanted no parts of any type of responsibility in the process. Without an investment in courting or taking any type of initiative or compromise, the dating process fizzles out, just like said man’s tired conversation.

“Ok well take care,” he writes back. I’m erasing your number now & blocking u.”

“And the same to you,” she responds.

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