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The older I get the more I recognize that people define loyalty differently, particularly when it comes to family members, especially brothers and sister. There are people who will talk sh*t about their siblings all day but dare you to contribute to the conversation in any way. There are those who will ride for their siblings even when they’re dead wrong. And then there are people like me. I don’t speak ill of my family around most people. But if they’re wrong, they’re wrong. I’ll love them always and publicly but I’m not going to be the family member to excuse foolishness.

So when I saw this tweet, not only did I chuckle, I could relate.

We can all be moral until money comes into the mix. Then things start getting a little shaky.

Money talks. Plus, it’s easy to rationalize betraying a sibling when another person is potentially being hurt by their actions.

I would sing like a canary. And honestly, there didn’t have to be any exchange of cash to make me do it. Having seen up close and personal what infidelity can do to a relationship and the people involved, I’m liable to let that secret slide just off of GP.

To be fair to my sibling, I would give them a warning. “Look, I know what you’re doing. And it’s not right. Your partner’s going to get hurt. And I’m going to give you an opportunity to come clean and tell him (or her) the truth. But if you don’t do it in x amount of days, I’m going to have to advise that they leave you alone.”

There are certain exceptions to this motto of course. There are some people, men and women alike, who would become violent in the face of this type of information. So if I had that type of sense about the person, then I might keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, I’m telling.

I love my sister. And honestly, knowing her character the way that I do, not only do I have a hard time seeing her cheating, I know that if confronted with that ultimatum, she would do the right thing and end the relationship.

But like I said, loyalty means different things to different people. Would you snitch on your sibling if you knew they were cheating on their partner? Would you take the money or would you tell for less?

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