Expert Explains How To Prep To Meet Your Soulmate

May 27, 2019  |  

Happy Valentines Day

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Oh the desire to meet “the one.” The idea of meeting your “soulmate” is one of those fairytales that even adult cynicism can’t destroy. I personally don’t believe there is one, I think there are many, but because there are billions of people in the world and a billion decisions being made hourly that affect the course of human lives, running into “them” is rare and miraculous.

So how do you get ready for the serendipitous moment when you bump into your person? YourTango expert Esther Bilbao, relationship, health, and personal development mentor gives a couple of tips so you an be prepared.

Know Yourself

How will you even begin to identify the traits you need in a partner if you don’t know what you want? Get very clear on what a soul match would feel like for you, away from the noise of everyone else’s desires and wishes. Once you know who you are, you can be more discerning about who is vibrating on the same wave as you are.

Accept Your Flaws

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect a partner to rock with all your quirks too? This doesn’t mean getting complacent when it comes to your weak areas and stop evolving, but it does mean not beating yourself up or berating yourself for being imperfect.

You Are What Your Attract

Relationships can serve as beautiful mirrors to our inner world. If you want someone who is loving and kind, make sure you are cultivating those attributes in yourself.

Enjoy Being Single

Love does not grow in desperate places. Enjoy your life as it is and fill the space with things you love. Investing in your own passions, dreams and ambitions draws in like-minded people, and those connections could be friendly or romantic! Basically the more you appreciate your own life, the more people will be drawn in to join your party.

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