Times When, Yes, It Is Still Her Body Her Choice In Reproductive Rights

May 22, 2019  |  
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abortion laws 2019

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Considering recent legislation, it feels like an important time to talk about the circumstances surrounding accidental pregnancy, and why—no matter the situation—it is ultimately always the woman’s choice whether or not she keeps the baby. At least, it should be—clearly certain politicians in this country don’t agree. I can’t imagine how the women in Alabama must be feeling right now. Imagine sitting there, wherever you are, in your body. You’re the only one in that body, right? You’re the one who must live in it. You’re the one who must experience every sensation of it. Imagine someone outside of it telling you what you’re allowed to do with it. The violation is almost too severe to comprehend. If there’s any place that should be sacred and fully within your command it should be your body. There truly is a Handmaids Tale feeling over the country since this legislation passed. I would love to see how men responded if we began telling them what they could and couldn’t do with their bodies. Somehow, I can’t help but feel that would be curtailed immediately by the, you know, tremendous amount of men who rule the country. With regards to female reproductive rights, no matter the circumstances, here are times it is still her body, her choice.

abortion laws 2019

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When she’s in a committed relationship

Just because someone is in a committed relationship does not mean she is ready to have a child. A man and woman who are committed to each other is, sorry to say, not all that is required to raise a human from age zero to 18. Many other factors could be at play. “But he’ll stay with you” is not any reason a woman who doesn’t want or cannot have a child should have one. And, still, this excuse doesn’t take into account that the man will not be the one handling a pregnancy.

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