Here Are A Few Ways To Know The Person You Are Dating Is Totally Wrong For You

May 15, 2019  |  

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In the early stages of dating, most people get caught up in the feelings and miss all the red flags along the way that this person may be a bad match for them. But as mature daters, we have to pay close attention to our potential partners to determine if a healthy, supportive love can cultivate here.

Relationship experts told Elite Daily some signs you should look out for to determine if the person you are dating is wrong for you.

They Bring Out The Worst In You

Ideally, your partner should be able to calm you down and help you maintain balance. If your significant other infuriates you more than soothes you, that could be a problem.

“Instead of defusing you, they ignite your anger,” Susan Winter, an NYC-based relationship expert and love coach, told Elite Daily. “Instead of making you feel good about yourself, they make you feel insecure.”

The Fight Never Ends

Every healthy couple has disagreements, but if you continually visit the same issue over and over again, you may be incompatible. Winter explained that when both parties have no ability to compromise on an issue, it may be best to cut your loses. Repeated arguments are unhealthy and exhausting.

You’re Embarrassed To Be With Them

Do you not trust your partner to be around your friends and family? When you’re in public with your significant other, do they leave you feeling embarrassed or humiliated?

These emotions should not be ignored.

“Clients have come to me and told me this about their previous relationships,” CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, Susan Trombetti, told Elite Daily.

“They didn’t even want to go to a late night diner with them, because they were ashamed.”

Your Gut Is Rumbling

That sinking feeling you get when your partner comes home from work or interacts with your loved ones? Don’t ignore that.

“Your gut doesn’t lie,”  Winter explained. “It’s an innate feeling that you just can’t shake no matter how hard you try to push it away with logic.”

“Many of us have loved the wrong person,” adds Winter. “And each person can make their own decision to stay or go, according to their own individual circumstances and inherent disposition.”


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