For many LGBT individuals, one of the hardest moments in their lives is coming out to their parents. They question, will they still love me? Accept me? Welcome me in their home? And while plenty of advice is offered to teens, adolescents, and even adults on how to broach the subject, Miss Lawrence has a message for mothers and fathers on how to not let their child’s gender identity or sexuality get in the way of parenting.

“What my parents got right is they did not allow whatever uncomfortabilities they had with me being me, they did not allow that to interrupt their teachings,” the Star actor told us. “Of teaching me good morals, of teaching me what it is to have good character, of teaching me how to go to God in prayer, how to have faith, how to be respectful and respect people.”

The 36-year-old went on to say who a person chooses to love and how they identify truly has no bearing on a parent’s ability to raise a child. Further, whatever feelings parents have about said identities are just that, feelings.

“In spite of how you may feel your child is in terms of their gender, in terms of their imagery and how they want to present themselves in the world, that’s all personal,” Miss Lawrence added. “That’s all personal, as a mother, as a father, as a mentor, our job is to teach them what moral compass looks like, what having faith looks like, knowing how to go to your higher power in prayer, knowing that you are not alone, and knowing that you are loved and it is your duty to give love.”

Check out the video above as Miss Lawrence shares more about being a non-binary male and navigating his identity and upbringing.


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