Don’t Rush By These Glaring Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

April 27, 2019  |  

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The early days of new love can send you into a heady tailspin as you get caught up in the rush of chemistry and hormones. Because of the intensity of early dating, we may brush by important signs that a relationship is not right for you.

Katie Hood, the CEO of the One Love Foundation, told Business Insider that there are warning signs of an unhealthy relationship that you can catch catch early if you’re paying attention. Here are a few:

Too Intense Too Quickly

Don’t get too flattered when someone says, “I think you are the one,” after the first date.

“It’s not how a relationship starts that matters,” Hood said. “It’s how it evolves.” Just because your new boo is calling you crazy and bombarding you with attention in the early days does not mean they are perfect match for you. In fact, some people “love bomb” you so hard so that you ignore their character flaws. Take your time and find out who this person is. A person isn’t what they say, they are how they consistently behave.

They Diss Your Support System

Unhealthy partners love to isolate their victims–and the best way to do that is to cut you off from the people you love the most.

“Healthy love includes independence,” Hood said. They will often accuse your friends/family of things or diminish them.

 “Why do you want to hang out with them? They’re such losers,” Hood gave as an example.


A little bit of jealousy that doesn’t affect your relationship is fine, but if your partner is crazy possessive or doesn’t trust you, keep an eye out.

“Jealousy is a part of any human relationship, but extreme jealousy is different,” Hood said. “There’s a threatening, desperate, and angry edge to it.”

Use Words As Weapons

Emotional abuse is insidious because there aren’t signs of it that people can see. But words can hurt just as much as physical harm.

“In unhealthy love, words are used as weapons,” Hood said. “Conversations that used to be fun and lighthearted turn mean and embarrassing.”

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