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ABC's "The View" - Season 22

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Despite her decision to sit as a pundit on “The View,” where women share their various opinions on politics, pop culture and more, Meghan McCain, the lone conservative on the panel, often finds herself personally offended when her cohosts don’t share her stance.

We saw it recently in the run-in she had with Joy Behar during a discussion about immigrant rights. McCain consistently talked over her and attempted to throw sly jabs at Joy. By the end of the exchange, Behar looked pissed off to the highest level of pissivity and there was a moment where it seemed that she might have wanted to lunge across the table in McCain’s direction.

Thankfully, Whoopi intervened.

Things got tense again, as is often the case on “The View,” as the women were talking about voting rights for formerly and presently incarcerated citizens. The discussion was in response to Bernie Sanders who argued that even the Boston bomber should be allowed to vote even while he’s still serving his prison sentence.

It was a suggestion that had McCain hot.

She said, “I got up at 5:30 this morning. I couldn’t sleep last night and I saw this clip. Talking about prison reform and low-level crime like Alice Marie Johnson, I believe a woman like that should have the right to vote for all intents and purposes. But for Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris to go on tv and say that the Boston terrorist deserves any rights in this country, after killing 3 people and injuring 264 in 2013, I think is disgraceful…It is not hard to say that people who commit acts of terror in this country should not only be punished but God forbid they have any rights that any of us had or someone who commits a low level crime. It is not hard to put lines between terrorists and people who commit low-level crimes. It’s not hard to say the Boston terrorist was a psycho lunatic who is a threat not only to national security but shouldn’t be allowed to vote in any elections. It’s not that hard.”

Sunny Hostin: We need to make it very clear, Kamala Harris did not say that. She said, ‘We could have a conversation.’

Meghan: That’s not enough for me, Kamala!

Meghan: Does anyone here think a terrorist should have the right to vote?

Whoopi: Well, here’s what I’m going to say. If they let this terrorist out because they served his time, he gets his, if he’s an American citizen…

Meghan: scoffs

Whoopi: Why is your mouth open like that?

Meghan: Because Whoopi, he killed people!

Whoopi: Yes, lots of people do this…

Meghan: He’s a terrorist! He’s a radicalized terrorist!

Whoopi: But our constitution says, if you’ve done your time you’ve—we hope—been reformed you’ve been changed…If they let him out, that means they feel his time is up and he gets to become the American citizen again.

Meghan: He should never be let out. He’s a radicalized terrorist.

Whoopi: He’s probably never going to get out. But I’m saying…

Meghan: Here’s a simple question. Does anyone at this table think that anyone who’s committed an act of terror that killed three people and injured 264 should have the right to vote.

Whoopi: Well, that’s not the way to ask that question. Because this is two different conversations.

Meghan: It’s not to me.

Whoopi: I get that. But it is to me. and let me remind you why. If you’ve done your time. If they let this man out, they are saying he’s been reformed. He’s been rehabilitated.

Sunny: He’s met his debt to society.

Meghan: Oh my God. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to any of you…

Whoopi: You’re missing the point. You keep saying, if they let him out. Well yes, if they let him out, he gets those rights back. That’s what we’re talking about.

The women go back and forth as Whoopi is clearly trying to follow the instructions of the producers and go to a commercial break. But each time she tries to cut out, Sunny Hostin introduces a new topic. In the midst of this, Whoopi and another co-host start chuckling.

Meghan: Maybe you think terrorism is funny. I do not.

Whoopi: Don’t do that, Meghan! Don’t do that. Because what we are chuckling at is I’m trying to get…he’s back there like this [does praying hands] and they see me trying to say it and then Sunny started up again and they realized I wasn’t going to get to say, we’ll be right back with more hot topics.

It seems that Meghan has rarely been in a position where she has had to defend her stance against women who not only disagree but are able to recognize the nuance in a conversation and stay on topic. But instead of keeping up, McCain often scoffs and makes exasperated noises like a child on national television, distracting from the points she does make during the segment. And the suggestion that Whoopi and Abby were laughing at terrorism is just a cheap ploy to distract from the fact that once again, her was flailing on national television.


You can check out the conversation in the video below. And read what people have to say about it on the following pages.

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