How To Know Relationships Just Aren’t For You, According To Experts

April 23, 2019  |  

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Even though popular culture promotes the idea that everyone is trying to be in love, there are some among us who are about that single life. Don’t get pressured into some long term relationship you don’t want. If you are torn between whether you REALLY want a relationship or if you’re just caught up in the hype of everyone wanting to fall in love, read more to find out if you possess the personality type that can do bad all by yourself.

First let’s define casual dating. Chris Armstrong, founder of the relationship coaching company Maze of Love, told Elite Daily that “Dating casually means to date with no expectations of finding a long-term relationship. To some people, it can also mean to date with no desire of finding a long-term relationship. In either case, casual daters are able to let go of the traditional expectations, pressures, or frustrations that can come from dating.”

If that sounds like you, it’s all good to forego serious dating for something more low key. One indicator that single life may be for you is your love of different experiences. There is a monotony that comes with relationship.

“There are points in some single peoples lives in which they want variety and spontaneity that, for them, cannot come with dating the same person exclusively,” Armstrong says.

Also when you’re freshly out of a relationship, looking to jump into another one may be the last thing you want.

Susan Winter told Elite Daily. “Perhaps you’re newly single and haven’t quite gotten your footing in what you want in terms of a new partner. [You may] need to play the field in order to get a sample of what’s out there, and how the dating world has changed since they were last single.”

But even as you readjust to the new world of dating apps and swiping right, it’s still totally okay to play the field.

“When they have truly moved forward from prior relationships and are not ready for a new committed one, casual dating is both freeing and self-discovering,” Armstrong said.

There’s also something to be said for “doing the work” between relationships. Take the time to assess what worked and didn’t work in your last relationship, and take the time to figure out what habits you possess that could use some adjusting.

“If you’re actively trying to break bad dating habits, casual dating allows you to test a new ways of interacting with prospective partners. Have you had an issue with speaking up? Now’s the time to try it out when the stakes are low. Have you had a hard time establishing boundaries? Start fresh with a new partner where the pressure is less daunting,” Winter said.

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