How To Love Your Body Today, Even During A Weight-Loss Journey

April 18, 2019  |  
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If you are on a weight loss journey—whether it’s just started or it’s been going on for years—you may feel, as many people losing weight feel, that you don’t get to enjoy your body yet. You may feel like, for now, love and appreciation of your body is put on hold until you reach your goal weight. You may feel as if life doesn’t really get to begin until you see the number you want to see on the scale. But, that is deeply saddening because your body has so much to offer today regardless of where you are on your weight loss journey. And furthermore, you don’t get these days back. When you reach your goal weight, you don’t get to rewind and re-live these days, in your new body. You only have today, today. And, by the way, this body you’re in will always be the same body. Though it may be smaller one day, it’s still the same vessel that deserves love and appreciation. Here are ways to love your body, today, in the middle of a weight-loss journey.


Don’t wear clothes that mock you

You likely have some clothes you keep trying to wear, that never make you happy. You see them as a challenge, and something you must try to get into. How about, instead, you just see them as trash? Alright, don’t actually throw them away but, just stop putting them on right now. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and complement your figure. You should do that, every day, whether you’re at your goal weight or not.


Indulge small cravings

If you completely restrict yourself from small treats, you oppress your soul. Be fair to yourself. Have a piece of chocolate. Have a small scoop of ice cream when all your friends are getting ice cream. You still deserve to live a little, even while you’re losing weight.


Take a nap

Taking a nap, or simply resting when you need rest, is a wonderful way to cherish your body. If you feel tired, that’s your body’s way of telling you, “I need a break to refuel.” Give it that chance to refuel. It does so much for you, so let your body rest when it needs to.


Focus on your best assets

Take a moment to look in the mirror and compliment yourself on your best assets. Do you have great breasts? A gorgeous back? Killer cheekbones? Really hone in on those traits for a few minutes. You spend so much time honing in on the stuff you don’t like, so try this for a change.


Avoid triggers

There are likely certain things that trigger your feelings of self-loathing. Maybe it’s a certain Instagram account or magazine stand with magazines covered with skinny models. Unfollow that account. Take a different path to work, to avoid the magazine stand.


Do the exercise that feels good

Instead of fixating on the highest calorie-burning workout, ask your body what it would like to do today. Maybe it thinks yoga sounds really nice. Maybe it thinks swimming would be a dream. Move your body in the way that feels best today.



Thank your body for what it does

Your body is much more than an aesthetic being. Your body lifts things for you. Your body walks your dog. Your body dances. You get to laugh in your body. You get to have sex in your body. Thank it for all that it does, rather than criticizing it for all that it is not.


Be grateful for your health

Focus on your health, and not your size. If you are fortunate enough to not have diabetes, to not have cancer, to not have a chronic illness like Crohn’s disease—be very grateful. Many people out there have these conditions, and are technically in “good shape” aesthetically, but would give anything to be in your healthy body.


Talk to others about body positivity

Facilitate positive conversations with other women about body positivity. Compliment other women on their bodies. Talk about the things you do to feel good in your body.


Don’t talk to the negative ones

Stay away from people who want to be negative about bodies—theirs or yours. You don’t need that in your life. If there is someone who just wants to obsess over losing eight pounds or talk about feeling bad for what she ate, stay away from her.


Try a boudoir shoot

If you haven’t tried a boudoir shoot yet, it’s time. No matter what your size is, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate your body.


Don’t wait for the perfect body to live your life

Stop telling yourself that you can’t start dating again until you lose weight or that you can’t book that trip until you lose weight. When you do this, you take time for granted.


Do a body scan meditation

Body scan meditations are very relaxing, put us in touch with our true selves, and help us appreciate our body. They basically involve deep breathing while being hyper-focused on one area of your body, then doing this through each area of your body.


Stop patronizing that store

You know that store where the size medium is clearly a size XXS? Stop shopping there. They aren’t doing good things for women.


Change your relationship with your scale

Stepping on the scale every day can have its benefits, but change the way you look at it. Your intention should be to see small increments of progress, with the understanding there could be tiny relapses. Don’t see the scale as your punisher—or a source of shame. See it as an important and helpful tool.

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