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Dating in this modern age is like stepping through a minefield of apps, internet profiles and the weirdos you meet in the wild. In the midst of millennial dating angst, a couple of new terms have popped up to describe some of the horrible things we go through on the search to find “the one.”

Most of us know about ghosting, which is used to describe the cowardly act of completely disappearing on someone you’re dating without explanation. Ghosting can leave the ghosted feeling disorientated, confused and hurt. Not only does the person have to grapple with the feelings of rejection, but now they are forced to move on without understanding what happened.

Now ghosting has gone to the next level, with “cloaking,” being the new insidious way to exit out of someone’s life.

“Cloaking is when a person doesn’t just stand you up for a date, they also block you on any app that you’ve previously communicated on,” UK Mashable reporter Rachel Thompson explained in a video.

So not only are you blocked in real life, you also are blocked out of seeing their presence on social media or the dating apps you may have met them on.

According to social scientists at Psychology Today, the pain of being ghosted hits deep for the victims because it registers in the brain as actual pain. Studies have been conducted that show that you can ease the pain of heart pain with Tylenol the same way you would use it to alleviate physical pain. Rejection is a hard thing for us to psychologically recover from.

If you’ve been cloaked or ghosted, take that as information about who this person is, versus as a personal attack on your and your worth. Would you really want to be with someone who has no courage to express their disinterest or issues.



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