Compelling Reasons To Follow Your Dreams

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following your dreams is scary

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If you’ve been teetering on the fence of either going after your dreams, full throttle, or just stepping back into a life for which you just settle, maybe this article is the inspiration you need. Maybe lately you’ve had a little voice in your head that’s been nagging, as Kate Winslet’s character in “The Holiday” so eloquently put it, “You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god’s sake!” And that voice is there because you haven’t been living the life you know you’re meant to live. You’ve submitted yourself to a life that is routine, passionless, and safe. It happens to a lot of people. Honestly, it happens to most people. But I can promise you this sad fact: most people aren’t very happy. I can also promise you that the few who are took a lot of chances and great risks. Great happiness is nearly impossible without those things. So, here are compelling reasons you must follow your dreams.


You’ll resent those that do

If you don’t, you’ll become a curmudgeon who resents those who do follow their dreams. Watching them will only drudge up the pain of the reality that they went for it and you didn’t. So you’ll become that jerk who, like, heckles at comedy shows.


You’ll especially resent those with similar dreams

You’ll become especially resentful of those who followed a similar dream as yours. If you, for example, wanted to be a travel writer, you’ll start to disdain and avoid those in the travel and lifestyle writing sphere. If you meet one at a party, your mood will turn sour. You’ll repel the thing you love because it’s too painful to admit you don’t have it.


You’ll attract other settlers

You will attract other people who settled for a passionless existence. They’ll lure you into the sedative-like belief that this is the way to live. You’ll sink deeper into the hole of a mediocre life.


You’ll repel those with great energy

You will repel people with great energy, ambition, a love of life, and a sense of adventure. You know—the best people out there. They can sense that you settled and they don’t want your energy dragging them down.


They’re probably your dreams for a reason

There is a good chance your dreams are your dreams for a reason. The greatest stories about some of the most impressive people usually involve some serendipity. Something marvelous happened—something unexpected—because they followed their dreams. They never would have known if they hadn’t gone for it.


And you’d likely be good at them

There’s also a good chance that you are particularly good at the thing you’d really like to do. That’s part of the reason you’re drawn to it—it would make use of your particular gifts and talents. Your humdrum job likely doesn’t do that.


You only gain more energy for your passion

The funny thing about doing something you love is that you actually find more and more energy for it each passing day. Working hard at it doesn’t feel like work at all and manages to provide you with a limitless supply of fuel.


But you become exhausted with dull work

Meanwhile, working a job you care nothing about will leave you feeling exhausted every day and, on a macro level, burnt out to your core by a young age.


Your dreams are probably the most lucrative

You can really only climb so high in an industry about which you care very little. Those at the top can sense that this isn’t the place for you—that this is not where your interests lie. Going after your dreams could be your chance at a very wealthy life.


But a high-paying job you hate won’t make you happy

By the way, even if you did manage to crawl your way to the top and get a high-paying job that you don’t like, you’d still be miserable, for many reasons.


It’s bad for your relationship if you don’t

It’s not good for your romantic relationship to ignore your dreams. You won’t be happy, as an individual, in the end. You’ll take it out on your partner. You’ll be depressing to be around.


It’s bad for your kids if you don’t

If you have children, what sort of example does it set if you don’t go after your dreams? That doesn’t exactly inspire go-getters. Do you want your kids to be doomed to a life of working a job they hate and never pursuing their passion? No? Then you can’t live such a life, either.


What’s the worst that can happen?

Truly, what is the worst that could happen? You get turned down? You get rejected? You have to fall and get back up several times? You feel humiliated? Guess what: that doesn’t kill you. It just sucks for a little bit. But it doesn’t kill you. Meanwhile, ignoring your dreams is like living a waking death every day of your life.


There will be other jobs

You can always just get another job you don’t like if things don’t work out. Those jobs will always be there. Nobody wants them—remember? Not even you!


They’ll always follow you

You can try to not follow your dreams but they will follow you. You’ll never forget them. They won’t disappear. They’ll just become nightmares that haunt you.

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