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It doesn’t take much for NeNe to have a problem with somebody. She’s liable to have an issue on a good day. But this season, with the stress of everything going on in her life, including Gregg’s battle with cancer and the challenges of being his care-giver, she’s been in rare form. And anyone is liable to get it.

Last week, she was in the headlines for slamming her friend Cynthia Bailey on an Instagram Live video, calling her “sneaky and underhanded.” Later, she unfollowed almost all of her co-stars on the show, saying that after 11 seasons on the hit show, she’s finally learned that these women are her co-workers.

So you may be wondering what spawned this change of heart. In an interview, with Too Fab, Kandi Burruss shared her thoughts on what caused the breakdown.

“From what I can tell, she’s upset because we had invited Kenya [Moore] to Cynthia [Bailey]’s party, and Cynthia didn’t give her a heads up. She felt like that was an attack against her, which it wasn’t.”

Moore and Leakes have never gotten along with one another. And she left the cast last year, after five years, because she refused to let the show document her marriage to Marc Daly.

Kandi said that while Kenya and NeNe aren’t the best of friends, her former co-stars felt she deserved to be at Cynthia’s party.

“Overall, it’s just like, Kenya’s our friend,” Kandi said. “I feel like Kenya should’ve been at the party. Not only that, I definitely felt like our fans should see Kenya — happy, pregnant. How can we miss her whole pregnancy and not see her once? And that has nothing to do with NeNe, so I don’t understand why she took it so personally. Cynthia didn’t tell her that Kenya was coming, but at the end of the day, I’m looking at how crazy NeNe’s acting about this, and I’m like, ‘Okay, well, it’s clear why Cynthia didn’t tell you because you flip out and get all offended and mad for no damn reason.'”

Bailey’s party will be shown on the March 31 season finale.

Kandi is not particularly offended by NeNe’s decision to unfollow her on social media because the two were never all that close.

“Clearly, she’s upset. She’s going through all of that, you know what I mean?”

Too Fab asked if she and NeNe’s relationship suffered because of her decision to maintain her friendship with Phaedra Parks, the woman who lied about Kandi and her husband plotting to drug and rape Porsha Williams.

“No, because NeNe and I aren’t really hanging out like that. But it doesn’t matter to me if that’s who she chooses to be friends with. It’s not like NeNe and I were super tight.”

A part of NeNe’s issues with her castmates also seems to have a lot to do with the way things went down during the reunion taping.

“People definitely got a lot off their chests!” she said. “But that’s what the reunion is for. The girls all stuck to their guns and spoke their minds, and it just so happened that a lot of people seemed to have an issue with the same person.”

And that person was NeNe.

She continued, “Now, I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but it did!”

No word on what “that” is.

On another, more personal note, Burruss also gave us an update about her and Todd’s quest to have another child.

She confirmed that she and Todd have decided to embark on the surrogacy journey, despite the concerns from her eldest daughter Riley.

“We have moved forward with our decision to expand our family.” She said Riley has since become more accepting of the idea.

“Riley just says that we work a lot. She just says, ‘How are y’all gonna have more babies and still be able to accomplish everything that you’re doing?’ I get what she’s saying, but at the same time, she said that before with Ace, and now she’s crazy in love with him.”

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