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You would think that after being confronted for her recent homophobic comments that comedian Jess Hilarious would take it easy with the controversial opinions she decided to share with the internet. But it seems that she’s determined to up the ante.

A single day after 50 people were killed in a Mosque in New Zealand, Jess Hilarious decided to tell millions of followers that she felt threatened about what she presumed to be a Muslim man on the plane.

In actuality, the man was a Sikh. The word means student—a student of Sikhism, another monotheistic religion based on the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak and the nine gurus who followed him.

In a series of Instagram videos, she talked about being scared of the Sikh men on the plane, gasping before asking “Where are you going? Where are you going?” Eventually, the entire plane was evacuated from a plane. During that interlude, Jess got back on Instagram to check her followers for questioning her prejudice and racism.


“One thing, n*ggas know I’m never f*ckin racist but I spotted something, I pointed it out earlier. And we got evacuated from our plane. We were on the plane for like an hour and did not get to pull off. Everybody was coming at me like, ‘You racist, b*tch. You f*cked up.’ because I pointed out four different people I saw on the plane earlier. So when we had to evacuate with no reason at all, nobody said anything we just had to evacuate and I don’t see the same four people I seen before. Apologize b*tch. That’s what y’all need to do. Stop being so f*ckin scared, nigga. cuz that’s one thing I’m not. I’m not scared of y’all, I’m not scared of nobody. And I got the durag on cuz my waves is spinning.

But don’t play with me. If I’m scared, I’m scared. F*ck y’all. F*ck how y’all feel. Y’all mad at me because I don’t side with every other Black person. Cuz I don’t side with every other race. F*ck y’all. I feel how I feel. I felt threatened and that was it. And I’m not flying there. We were evacuated, bitch. Why? With no reason explained at all, no technical difficulties or nothing. Y’all gon’ listen to Jess with the Mess one day because my news is real.”

When the passengers re-boarded, the Sikh men weren’t present. And Jess got back on Instagram to say: “How ironic is it that we boarded the same plane and I don’t see those people. Yeah, we’re fully boarded. Eat my ass.”

When people confronted her about her general ignorance, her Islamophobia, Jess took a very defensive tone, denoted by all the f-bombs she dropped.

Later, Jess took a more reserved tone in the statements she left on Instagram.

“Look y’all Im not racist & never have I ever been…we have Muslims in my family. However, I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslim so yes I admit I’m ignorant to the facts so TEACH ME

I got no one put off the f*ckin plane…I didn’t even say sh*t to anyone ELSE on the f*ckin plane about how I felt! Again I’m sorry to ALL MUSLIMS…deeply sorry! But I am not a racist loves”

But you are racist, sis. Racist and ignorant. Your racism got you feeling like you can share your fear of what someone in a turban may do with no context of the reason they wear the head covering, no context about their religious or political beliefs. And as a person of color who was wearing a head covering of her own, Jess should be ashamed of herself for attempting to profile another person of color and then blast her prejudice to her millions of followers.

And instead of taking a posture of being open to learning, she cussed her followers out and then said she had Muslims in her family, as if that’s not every racist’s favorite go-to line.

Not only is it trash, but it’s also not funny. What’s funny about making a joke about “Muslims” being terrorists. With billions of Muslims across the world, the number of terrorists is a minority. Black folk face more than enough discrimination globally, I don’t know why would participate in this type of behavior.

But as you know, Twitter was more than happy to get Jess together. See what they had to say on the following pages.

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