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get your boy dawg

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I love that my boyfriend has friends. In fact, definitely be worried if any man you go out with doesn’t have a group of guys that he calls his boys. Maybe he doesn’t use that exact phrasing if he’s a little more buttoned up, but he definitely has his inner circle, his clique, or his crew, and they have been through a lot together. You have your clique, and think of how much they have made you who you are. They have got you through heartache, they have made you laugh, they’ve built memories with you, and they have given you much-needed advice on things like fighting with your mom or asking for a raise. Your boyfriend should definitely have a group of friends who have done this for him. But I’ve noticed some guys are a little too attached to their boys. Maybe it’s because they all once shared a house in college, or split a tiny apartment after college. Either way, you’d think they were attached at the hip or suckled on the same teet of the same mama, because they have mini meltdowns if they go three hours without talking. Here are signs your man is a little too attached to his boys.


He invites them to date night

You both work so hard to put aside one night that you are both free this month. You are very busy, and having a night when you can let loose and spend time together is important. But your partner doesn’t really see the importance of alone time with you, and always invites his boys to what was meant to be date night, without even consulting you first.

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