Would You Turn Down Your Dream Job To Spend More Time With Your Man?

March 8, 2019  |  
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I think it’s understood that being in relationship with people will require some sacrifices. But how and when do you know when you’re sacrificing too much. This question was posed when a woman found a posting on LinkedIn about turning down a job for the sake of her fiancé.

Before we go any further, there are a few details that are missing from this story for us to make a complete judgement. We don’t know what this woman’s employment situation is now. We don’t know what her fiancé’s employment situation is. We don’t know if the fiancé is paying for her way right now as she still searches for a job. We don’t even know what type of hours she would work at the job and how much time she’d ideally like to spend with her fiancé.

But from the details provided, we know that in addition to the decision coming as a result of preserving and building their relationship, it was also spiritual, according to her letter. The two prayed about it and believe God wanted her to leave the position on the table. If you place value on your spirituality, then you can’t overstate the importance of that factor. And like this poster mentioned, your job shouldn’t be a priority over your life. The people in your life mean more than your career.

Still, there is another side to this. There is a history of women sacrificing more than their male counterparts in a relationship. There is a history of men manipulating women out of financial opportunities, discouraging them from taking jobs or enrolling in schools, launching businesses that would result in more money but also possibly take them away from the home—where they labor, often disproportionately for men and children.

There is even the notion that your partner shouldn’t require you sacrifice opportunities that would make you better.

And that’s real.

As for me, my only concern is that the decision this woman made is one she actually wanted to make for her life. If it is not, if she did it to prove her value as a wife or the show her man that she prioritizes him, and not for her own desires, then it has the potential to lead to resentment later in life as well as the relationship.

But if women are making decisions that are right for them and their life, we should let them rock. But this is social media. And since she shared her story and her decision, the internets had more than enough to say about it. Check it out on the following pages.

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