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Navigating longterm relationships can sometimes feel like more work than pleasure. That’s when you need a little drip to add to your sauce. While people may offer conventional advice to spice things up, sometimes scribbling outside of the lines can get you better results.

Here are some tips from the sex experts at Bustle.

Put Sex In Your Calendar

May not sound like the sexiest thing, but scheduled sex can be a relationship life saver. If you make time for everything else in your life, why not add your partner to your “to do list” (pun intended).

Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexual wellness expert and CEO and founder of The Bloomi, told Bustle, “If you haven’t been having it regularly, it can feel daunting to get the ball rolling again. Making an effort to keep sex as part of your weekly routine helps build and maintain momentum.”

Don’t Be Joined At The Hip

Okay, we know love can make you feel super attached, but being all up under one another all the time can make the spark go out in your union. Never give up your friends and hobbies just because you’ve joined forces with a new boo.

“If you’re looking to feel more excited and passionate about your partner, you may need to create space in order to cultivate mystery, longing and the thrill of the unknown,” Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist, tells Bustle.

Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

You know that rush you get when you get off a rollercoaster, imagine feeling that with your significant other. It’s important to explore ways to learn new things about one another. Travel or trying out some new exotic food together can give you the thrill of that “new” feeling.

“I always say do something like sky diving, bungee jumping, or a horror movie because these get your adrenaline going,” Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, told Bustle. “It mimics passion and then you feel the spark.”

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