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There’s a lot of talk about manifestation these days. The world seems to be opening up to less conventional forms of healing and empowerment. Maybe it’s not all self-help books and seminars. And, maybe expensive therapy sessions aren’t always necessary (though, it’s only responsible to mention that therapists are important in cases of extreme trauma and mental illness—manifestation cannot address those). Manifestation is this sort of nice middle ground that recognizes that we all have more power to make the things we want to happen happen than we realized. Manifestation isn’t about magic. It has nothing to do with witches or genies. It’s about tapping into your own tools that already exist inside of you, to help you interact with the world and people in a way that increases your chances of getting what you want. It’s an important distinction to make. Here are things you can’t, and can, manifest.


You can’t manifest money

You need more money. That’s a common problem. You, sadly, cannot manifest a wad of cash in your mailbox or a mysterious direct deposit into your bank account. If you are manifesting for the aim of more money, don’t expect a huge paycheck at your door tomorrow.


You can manifest a business idea

What you can manifest is your own knowledge and ideas that can help you make more money. Maybe, deep inside of you, you know the answer to the side business you should start—the one that you and only you would be really good at—that would bring you more income. You can manifest your wisdom and your creativity that can help you with that idea.


You can’t manifest a promotion

You can never really manifest someone else giving you something. Manifestation is not like having someone put a spell on someone else, changing their freewill in the direction you want it to go.


You can manifest ambition

You can, however, manifest the qualities and attributes you need to display to become worthy of that promotion. Whether you need to have sharper vision around what needs to be done in the workplace for the better of the company or simply more energy to take on extra projects—those are things you may be able to manifest.


You can’t manifest a better body

As much as that would be amazing, you cannot manifest a better body. If you’ve struggled for years with binge eating, never quite knowing how to stop a binge eating episode in its tracks, or you can’t find the will to exercise, you may try to just manifest that size four figure.


You can manifest enthusiasm for exercise

You can manifest a newfound love of exercise. You can manifest an appreciation for all the ways exercise makes you feel. You can manifest the intention to work out every day. Perhaps you can manifest an appreciation and love of healthier foods, and an awareness of how they nourish your body.


You can’t manifest friends

If you’re someone who has always had a hard time making friends, you cannot manifest one (unless you have another make believe one, like when you were a child). But a bestie won’t show up at your door tomorrow.


You can manifest warmth

You can perhaps manifest some qualities that you have, but haven’t tapped into, that attract others. Do you hide your warmth? Do you put up walls to guard yourself, but come off cold and even judgmental because of it? You may be able to manifest the ability to take down those walls.


You can’t manifest a man

Sadly, you cannot manifest a man. If anyone ever tells you they did that, they’re delusional. Again, manifestation cannot change the free will of others, so you can’t just manifest that your cute coworker will love you overnight.


You can manifest a vibe

You can manifest the vibe that you’re open to meeting someone. Just like when it comes to finding friends, perhaps you’ve been putting up a wall around you, blocking men. Perhaps you come off as unapproachable. Manifestation may help you tap into your softer side, so you appear ready to meet someone.


You can’t manifest a good man

You also cannot manifest a good man. Perhaps your issue isn’t with finding a man but it’s with finding a good one. You wind up in a lot of things that don’t work out. You can’t really manifest Mr. Perfect.


You can manifest clarity

You can manifest the clarity to understand why you choose the men you do, what problematic traits they all have in common, and how to avoid them.


You can’t manifest improved relationships

If you wish your relationship with your mother, sister, coworker, or other unavoidable relation were better, you can’t manifest that—per say. You can’t manifest that your mother will suddenly be the woman you always wished she were, tomorrow.


You can manifest patience and understanding

You can manifest your own patience and understanding surrounding these relationships. It’s possible that the other person won’t change and the only way this relationship improves is if you manifest more sympathy towards that individual.


Manifestation is about your actions

Ultimately, manifestation will never change anything outside of you. It will not alter exterior circumstances. It can help you access emotional and mental skills—skills you’ve always had, but have perhaps struggled to use—to help you through your actions change outside circumstances.

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