5 Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Actually Need

March 8, 2019  |  

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Baby showers are the perfect time for family and friends to come together to support the expecting parents they love. Usually, the gifts are all about the baby, but I speak from experience when I say that parents need gifts for themselves too. My friend gifted me a workout system geared toward rebuilding your body postpartum and not only did I have no idea that such a thing existed, but it changed my life and my outlook on baby shower gifts. Prior to that gift I always thought about items for the baby, but now that I know what I know, I realize that parents need gifts too. The postpartum period can be rough so if you can find it in your budget and/or heart to get items that help nourish and keep parents sane once the baby has arrived, they will love you forever! Here are some things that can really make a difference.

Food Service
Food is obviously vital but sometimes it’s hard for new parents to find the time to cook nourishing meals, so a meal kit delivery service at least for a couple of weeks would be helpful. If not a meal kit then maybe even a gift certificate for grocery delivery. Every little short cut helps. Everyone is different but it took my husband and me about four months before we actually started cooking again. We had friends who were generous enough to meal prep for us and once those meals ran out about a month later, we ordered out a lot because we were just too tired and overwhelmed to tackle cooking if we didn’t have to. Simple tasks can sometimes be a lot with a new baby in the house and cooking is where we felt the most strain.

MuTu System
My friend actually gifted me with the MuTu System, like I mentioned, and it helped me tremendously. She found it on Groupon and it was a blessing. It’s a postpartum fitness system geared toward rehabbing mom bods in terms of building pelvic floor strength and restabilizing the core. Had I not gotten the MuTu System, I probably would have gone full throttle, trying to work out the way I did pre-pregnancy, but the MuTu System contained valuable information that I didn’t get anywhere else about movements I should avoid while trying to rebuild my core. I am forever grateful to have gone through that process.

Personal Trainer
If not the MuTu System then the next best thing would be a personal trainer who understands how to work with the postpartum body, particularly when it comes to diastasis recti. A personal trainer who specializes in postpartum women will take it easy on you and target your abs so that you can rebuild and stabilize. Plus, that human interaction will help get you out of the house and feeling like you’re part of the world again.

Postpartum Doula
Postpartum doulas can help tremendously with chores around the house, some things with the baby and generally keeping new parents sane. I didn’t have a postpartum doula but I know that I would have benefited from the assistance. Even with a partner, life post-baby can be rough, so having an extra person around coming from an objective perspective would have been invaluable.

If you don’t have an elaborate budget then sometimes it’s best to just offer yourself. It’s easy to go stir crazy when there’s a new baby around and sometimes parents just want to be around other adults. So, offer your presence and be a blessing. Perhaps you can help with older children in the household, provide adult conversation, or even wash a dish or two. The options are endless and you will be appreciated. Sometimes friends think they should leave people alone after they’ve had children but that is not the case.

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