How To Avoid Food Poisoning On Your Honey Moon

February 21, 2019  |  
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food poisoning causes

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So you and your man have chosen an exotic location for your honeymoon. In the brochures, it looks like it’s all Zen moments on the beach at sunset or relaxing afternoons sipping fruity cocktails by the pool. Everyone in the photos look so serene. You even have friends who have visited the region and said it was positively magical. Here’s one thing those friends and those models in the brochure have in common: they didn’t get food poisoning or more specifically the very evil Montezuma’s revenge. Once you get that on a trip, it’s hard to bounce back in time to enjoy the rather pricey parasailing tour you already paid for or day boat you put a large deposit on. Getting food poisoning in some truly remote regions can even be dangerous because modern medicine may not be around. Here are tips for avoiding food poisoning on your honeymoon.

food poisoning causes

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Avoid exposed straws

Don’t use the straws that are just sitting in a bundle in a jar on a table. People can sneeze on these. Customers may touch several before choosing one. Debris can fall on them. Only use straws that are wrapped in plastic or paper.

food poisoning causes

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Avoid exposed plastic silverware

The same rule about the straws applies to plastic silverware. If you get food to go from a restaurant, make sure their silverware is properly wrapped up.

food poisoning causes

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Only drink bottled water

Only drink bottled water and make sure to have plenty of it, wherever you go. This is especially important if you’re leaving the resort to hike or site-see, since your other destinations may not have bottled water available.

food poisoning causes

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Pack water purification tablets

For emergency purposes, keep water purification tablets on hand. These can easily fit in your pocket, and if you’re stranded somewhere and cannot access bottled water, they can be lifesavers.

food poisoning causes

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Only eat hot food

If you’re expecting hot food, make sure it’s hot—like steam still coming off of it hot. Don’t eat lukewarm food as the temperature change that occurs while food sits around can cause bacteria growth. Your food should be fresh from the oven or stove.

food poisoning causes

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When in doubt, drink fizzy water

Unfortunately, sometimes vendors reuse water bottles and re-fill them at unclean water sources. It can be hard to tell when this happens. When in doubt, buy sparkling water—you’ll know if it’s been refilled since the water won’t be very fizzy.

food poisoning causes

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Brush your teeth with bottled water

Don’t forget to use bottled water when brushing your teeth. If your water does carry any sort of bacteria, even the tiniest bit getting down your throat can make you sick.

food poisoning causes

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Close your mouth when showering

Close your mouth when showering, bathing, or swimming. Many of us don’t realize that we open our mouth while in the shower, but you can accidentally guzzle tons of contaminated water.

food poisoning causes

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Don’t eat raw seafood

This isn’t the time to have sushi, sashimi, or seared ahi tuna. Seafood in general is a no-no when traveling to truly exotic, isolated regions. Most people who have suffered food poisoning on a trip can point to seafood as the source.

food poisoning causes

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If possible, avoid all raw food

If possible, just don’t have raw foods, including fruits and vegetables. The process of cooking food kills off most problematic bacteria, so it’s safest to avoid the raw stuff.

food poisoning causes

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Don’t get ice in your drinks

Watch out for those sneaky, slushy cocktails. The ice may come from contaminated ice. It’s best to just have bottled beer, bottled cider, or wine when you want a buzz.

food poisoning causes

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Don’t get adventurous about cuisine

Don’t be that couple who wants to “live like the locals” and ventures off the beaten path to eat at some restaurant created in a family’s backyard. It’s endearing, but also a recipe for food poisoning.

food poisoning causes

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Easy on the dairy

Dairy is another food prone to bacteria growth, and that’s especially true in resort situations where the restaurant is pushing out hundreds of trays of yogurt and cheesecake every day.

food poisoning causes

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Always have snacks on hand

Have safe snacks, everywhere you go. You never know when a tour bus will break down, leaving you stranded for hours with nothing to eat. You don’t want to turn to a questionable food truck at that time. Pack healthy snacks you’ll want to eat.

food poisoning causes

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Avoid shared platters

Though it is custom in many places to share finger food off a large platter with your friends, don’t do it. You can’t guarantee that they’ve been taking all of the same precautions you have and that they won’t spread bacteria.

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