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Kamala Harris Speaks At Thurgood Marshall College Fund

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Under the threshold of Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign lies the intersectionality of a few important details: she’s Black, she’s a woman and she was a former prosecutor.

Combined in totality, at any given moment, each of these things renders Harris capable of persecution which has been highly susceptible since she formally announced her candidacy on Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday. She’s faced scrutiny over her past prosecutorial practices, which many believe directly affected Black men and women, who have both suffered as the lone members of the rising jail population.

However, the California Senator is getting a second dose of heat after a Monday Breakfast Club interview went viral, which has now made it seem as if Harris is pandering to a base that should be close to her, but seems so far–the Black vote.

On social media people are pressing Harris over a portion of the interview where she affirms that she smoked weed during her college days and enjoys the tunes of Snoop Dogg and Tupac, which many have pointed out were not artists during Harris’ college years at Howard University. Most of this was the doing of Fox News, who ran the headline, “Chronic Memory Problem” throwing gasoline into the fire.

But the gag is context is definitely needed here before Harris is set out to dry as a lying Black woman whose former weed smoking forced her into forgetfulness.

If you watch the interview, host Charlemagne tha God asks Harris if she’s ever smoked marijuana, something that many presidential candidates have bombed in answering before. Remember Bill Clinton’s “I did not inhale?”

Harris says she did, adding “and I did inhale,” as a nod to Clinton’s faux pas. “It was a long time ago,” she says with a laugh.

Moments later, DJ Envy asks “What does Kamala Harris listen to?” But then this is where everything went left.

Charlamagne quickly quips back ordering Harris to say who she listened to while she was high, while DJ Envy remind tied to his original question.

“Was it Snoop?” DJ Envy asks.

“Oh yeah, definitely Snoop,” Harris responds. “Tupac for sure.”

Though it’s a bit jumbled you can tell that Harris is clearly responding to Envy’s question.

Whew. The scrutiny over Harris would be fair if it was spread evenly across all candidates. But so far it seems Harris has maintained the spotlight, even while her counterparts continue to ebb and fluff. You got Cory Booker out here asking Black people to think about white people’s perspectives on Blackface, while Elizabeth Warren touted a Native American ancestry that did not exist.

Again, the questioning of a presidential candidate’s motives is totally legit, from everything down to their voting practices and past indifferences. But it seems Harris has been under the chopping block much more advertently than her counterparts. I wonder why?

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