Mistakes You’re Making On Your Period

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menstruation begins

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Menstruation isn’t fun for anyone. I can promise you that there isn’t a woman alive thinking, “I am nailing this period thing.” But some women do have it harder than others, simply because they’re mismanaging the temperamental, messy time of the month. Don’t you wish we could all just get time off…life…when our periods came? I personally don’t feel like I can effectively do much. My brain is foggy, so I make plenty of mistakes that I have to fix. I’m clumsy, so I drop and break things. And I’m grumpy, so I wind up saying that I don’t mean, that I later have to apologize for. But, alas, we have to continue to be contributing members of society while menstruating and so, in the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to change tampons or grocery shop for that one cramp-relieving food. Here are mistakes you may be making on your period.

menstruation begins

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Using the wrong absorbency

You should use the lowest possible absorbency necessary in order to prevent toxic shock syndrome. If you always go for super, regardless of your flow, just to be safe, you may actually be putting yourself at risk. If your tampon typically comes out mostly dry, then you’re using too high of an absorbency. Meanwhile, if you have to change tampons often and they come out soaked, you’re using too low of an absorbency. Most women need to use light, medium, and super throughout their periods—just monitor your flow accordingly.

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Not checking expiration dates

Tampons and pads expire and when they do, they can develop mold and other bacteria. Remember that these items are made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that’s vulnerable to deterioration. Check the expiration dates.

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Using day pads at night

Don’t just buy what you believe to be a catchall pad and wear it day and night. Use pads made for evening wear at night. They’re wider and more absorbent, and made to withstand tossing and turning without leaking. Daytime pads won’t do that.

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Using night pads during the day

Meanwhile, you may not want to use night pads during the day. Because they are generally wider and thicker, they are rather easy to spot beneath clothes.

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Improperly storing tampons

Don’t just let your tampons roll around in your purse, exposed. Between the business cards, pens, and keys, it’s too easy for something to puncture the tampon packaging, exposing the actual tampon to bacteria.

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Waiting until cramps start to take a painkiller

Don’t wait until your cramps have already started to take your painkillers. While you shouldn’t over-take painkillers, you know those cramps are coming on your period, so in this case, that Midol will go to good use.

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Eating constipating foods

Constipation combined with period cramps will make for a serious a stomachache. Make sure to tailor your diet to help you have regular bowel movements. Avoid constipating foods like white breads, processed meats, and tons of dairy.

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Waiting to bleed to use a pad

How many pairs of underwear have you lost to your period by now? Too many, right? You know when your period roughly begins each month. Start wearing a pad one or two nights before, to prevent stains.

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Not using thong liners on thongs

Stop wrapping that regular pad around your little thong. There are liners made specifically for thongs. Using a regular pad on a thong means exposing your sensitive skin to that adhesive, which can cause a rash.

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Wearing loose undies

Though you may not feel sexy enough for your tiny, lacey panties, don’t wear boxers and a pad. Loose materials cause your pad to shift around, and can cause leaks.

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Not eating a steak

If you want to treat yourself during your period, treat yourself to a steak dinner. Women tend to be low on iron during this time of the month, which can lead to fatigue.

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Passing on that period sex

If you or your partner is uncomfortable with period sex, it’s time to let that go. It’s time because A) your man needs to grow up and B) period sex can relieve cramps, and do more.

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Letting that pad sit

While pads may not bring the risk of toxic shock syndrome that tampons do, they can still cause problems if left there too long. Pads are breeding grounds for bacteria, so change them every few hours.

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Letting blood sugar spike

While you may be craving cookies and cake, take it easy on the sweet stuff. If you let your blood sugar spike, that means that later it will drop, and that will make mood swings and fatigue worse.

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You’re making bloat worse

Chips and pretzels may also call your name during this time of the month. But the sodium will make your bloat ten times as worse, and that bloat will make your mood even darker.

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