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menstruation begins

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Menstruation isn’t fun for anyone. I can promise you that there isn’t a woman alive thinking, “I am nailing this period thing.” But some women do have it harder than others, simply because they’re mismanaging the temperamental, messy time of the month. Don’t you wish we could all just get time off…life…when our periods came? I personally don’t feel like I can effectively do much. My brain is foggy, so I make plenty of mistakes that I have to fix. I’m clumsy, so I drop and break things. And I’m grumpy, so I wind up saying that I don’t mean, that I later have to apologize for. But, alas, we have to continue to be contributing members of society while menstruating and so, in the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to change tampons or grocery shop for that one cramp-relieving food. Here are mistakes you may be making on your period.

menstruation begins

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Using the wrong absorbency

You should use the lowest possible absorbency necessary in order to prevent toxic shock syndrome. If you always go for super, regardless of your flow, just to be safe, you may actually be putting yourself at risk. If your tampon typically comes out mostly dry, then you’re using too high of an absorbency. Meanwhile, if you have to change tampons often and they come out soaked, you’re using too low of an absorbency. Most women need to use light, medium, and super throughout their periods—just monitor your flow accordingly.

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