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ciara launches beauty marks entertainment

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Since making her debut as the “Princess of Crunk & B” when she stepped on the scene with her single “Goodies” in 2004, Ciara has become a grown woman, wife, mother and now a certified boss before our very eyes. She’s sold over 23 million records and partnered with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Missy to deliver back-bending hits, but she recently revealed to Billboard the next move in her career will be all about calling her own shots.

On February 7 at the MAKERS conference in Dana Point, CA, the “Level Up” singer announced the launch of her entertainment company, Beauty Marks Entertainment. The actual launch took place last year and BME’s first major endeavor was the single “Level Up” which hit #11 on the Billboard chart. The 33-year-old mother of two recently shared with the Billboard the inspiration behind building her company the beauty in being her own boss. She says the name comes from looking at the battle scars we sometimes endure in life as beauty marks:

“The mantra of the company is that all the scars we get from the obstacles we face in life are beauty marks. When you go through adversities and face challenges, embrace them because they make us who we are. They give us the wisdom we need to survive.”

“Sometimes you don’t know it’s happening but those tough moments build your character. They give you wisdom and so you have to embrace those moments because they really turn out to be beauty marks.”

The “Like A Boy” artist shares that when it comes to the company’s goals, she looking to perfect her musical career first, but ultimately wants to empower other artists in an industry where their careers and finances are frequently at the mercy of executives in positions of power:

“My ultimate goal is to perfect my journey first, and then at some point in time down the line, it would be fun to actually have other artists come along and the idea would be to empower them. The idea of ownership is really important to me and that’s what this phase is about.”

“I’ve been in systems and the way the deals are typically structured for us artists, we don’t really get to reap the full financial benefits of our labor.”

“There have been moments in the past when I’ve felt creatively handicapped just because I have to wait for the powers that be to make the decisions for me and then they take a long time.”

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, the singer is releasing a new single entitled “The Greatest Love” on February 12, a song she says celebrates love of self as well as someone else. She also describes her typical day as a boss, sharing she feels empowered by now being in charge of the business side of things:

“It’s meetings, listening to songs, getting emails about opportunities, seeing if it works for us, if it doesn’t. It’s going through video treatments that are submitted and budgets. It’s being mindful of that side of it, making sure I’m being smart economically when I’m making creative decisions. Oftentimes, us artists, we lead with creative first, but now I have to put on my business hat. It’s like ‘Oh, I want to do this really cool video but wait! What’s the budget say? Okay, does it make sense for us for the long run? What’s our marketing plan?’”

When it comes to accomplishing goals, Ciara advises before talent or connections, the first tool a person needs in order to “level up” is a pen:

“Set goals. There’s something to the power of manifestation. I’m actually planning to do my next chapter sheet again, where I take a moment to write down the goals I want to accomplish — and writing down is huge because you start to give yourself a compass on where you’re trying to get. I really believe you can’t get anywhere in life without a compass. Speak it into the universe, write it down and then follow up!”

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