Signs You Desperately Need A Personal Day

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Everybody wants to trick time and somehow accomplish 28 hours worth of things in a 24-hour day. You want to move ahead in your career, you want to keep your romantic relationship not just afloat but happy, and you wouldn’t mind having some semblance of a social life, but it’s very hard to do a good job at all of these things, no matter who you are. You may think the way to get ahead is to never pause, and never take a break. If you sleep less than everyone else, then you will win, right? But, many of the people you consider very successful in love, their careers, and family life, could tell you that their secret is occasionally taking a break from it all. It’s not only helpful to do; it is essential. If you burn out, you just won’t be effective at anything, no matter how much time you dedicate to it. Here are signs you desperately need a personal day.


You think everyone is incompetent

Typically when people ask for your help, you can see where they’re coming from. You can understand why they may need assistance. You understand everyone needs help sometimes. But lately, when someone asks for your help, all you can think of is how incompetent they are and that they should be able to do it on their own.


You hope no one is home

When you drive home, you hope that your partner is not there, or that your roommate is out, or that your kids are still at school. You actually love all these people, but you just don’t like any people at this time.


Social engagements feel like homework

If someone invites you to a birthday party, a baby shower, or girls night, your first reaction is to be very annoyed with the person who invited you. You can’t see why anyone would want to do any of those things.


Phone calls bother you

If a friend or family member you actually love calls you to catch up, you ignore the call. You groan. You catch yourself saying, “Ugh. What do they want?”


No sleep is enough sleep

There is one thing you are making time for, and that is plenty of sleep. But when you wake up, you just want to go back to bed. It is mental fatigue. You never give your brain a rest while you are awake, so it would rather just go back to sleep.


You are saving too much money

Okay so maybe there is no such thing, but if literally all you do is work, tend to your family, and do chores, and never treat yourself to a movie, massage, or even meal in a restaurant, you will overshoot your savings goals by a lot. It’s alright to splurge sometimes.


You have unexpected anxiety

Nothing necessarily anxiety inducing is happening in your life, and yet you feel unsettled. That might be your body and mind begging for some rest and relaxation.


You overreact to one small thing

You learn, for example, that your car needs an oil change or the dog is due for a teeth cleaning. And you totally lose it. You have a meltdown. That is because you literally had nothing left to give before this came up, and then this came up.

You daydream about running away. Sometimes you wonder what would happen if you just walked out of your job, out of your home, out of the city, and into an airport, with no specific destination in mind. You find yourself daydreaming about this an alarming amount of time.


You take the long way there

You intentionally drive slowly, take the longest route, and pass up on available parking spots, because driving is the only alone time you get.


You resent your space

Everything about your usual environments bothers you. Has that desk chair always been this uncomfortable? Has your colleague always breathed that loudly? These walls are a terrible color—who chose this color?! All these complaints are just your brain’s way of begging for a change in routine.


You cry out of nowhere

If you’ve checked that it isn’t a hormonal imbalance, and you know you aren’t generally depressed, you may just be bursting into tears because you feel like you’ve been neglecting yourself.


Your outlook isn’t good

If you had to choose between these two statements: “Life is generally good, positive, and happy” and “Life is generally bad, negative, and miserable” you’d lean towards the latter. Gulp. But of course you feel that way if you haven’t taken care of yourself lately.


Your high-strung friend says so

That one super high-strung friend of yours who never takes time off—yeah, she is saying that you need a personal day. That can’t be good.


It’s been a year

As a general rule, you should be taking a nice, long personal day at least three times a year. Aim for quarterly. Aspire for monthly. But if it’s been a year, then yes—you need one.

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