Signs You’re Becoming An Old Couple

February 5, 2019  |  
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My boyfriend and I were laughing hysterically the other day after having this exchange across the apartment: my boyfriend said something I couldn’t hear, I asked, “What did you say?” to which he asked, “What?” to which I said, “I was asking what you said” to which he replied, “Babe I can’t hear you” and then nobody could remember what the original conversation was even about. “We’re becoming an old couple,” we both agreed. It just happens when you live together for a while and you become super comfortable. I, personally, wasn’t going to get up from the couch where I was specifically lying, face up, to keep the collagen mask in place on my face. He wasn’t going to get up from his favorite recliner chair to explain himself. So there you had it—90-year-olds trapped in 30-year-old bodies. Here are signs you’re becoming an old couple.


Your bedtime routine is lengthy

You have to check that that one door is shut that keeps the noise out so the dog doesn’t bark and that the curtains are closed to just the right place to keep out too much morning sun but let it in enough to help us gently wake up. All the correct pillows need to be in the right spot. Where’s my eye mask? My boyfriend moved it. Where are his earplugs? I moved them.

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