How Cleaning Your Closets Improves Your Life

January 28, 2019  |  
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I would gladly bet that most of us could do some tidying up. Most individuals probably have a lot of boxes they haven’t touched in years, clothes they haven’t worn in years, and backs of cabinets that they aren’t even sure what’s in there. We all have this sense of I should clean, but do we know why? It really nags at us, doesn’t it? But, perhaps, if you look around at your space and it doesn’t look that bad, you could be wondering, “So why do I feel like I have to clean?” Where is that nagging sensation coming from? It’s not like you’re tripping over things just to get around your home. It’s not like you can’t find the things you need on a daily basis. So maybe that nagging sensation is coming from your subconscious that knows of all the other benefits that come with tidying up. Here are surprising ways you improve your life by cleaning out cabinets, closets, and more.


See how far you’ve come professionally

You’ll find old notebooks and badges from first jobs and internships. You’ll realize just how far you’ve come. Maybe you’ve been hard on yourself about where your career is, but you’ll see through memorabilia that you’ve made some significant progress.


See how far you’ve come in relationships

You’ll also find gifts from old boyfriends and photos from old relationships. You’ll get a really warm and satisfying feeling realize all that you’ve learned about love since then, and how you have tools and wisdom today to ensure you’re treated much better by your partners.


Discover bad shopping habits

You may learn a bit about your shopping habits. Do you buy too many of this or that item? Are you stockpiling argyle leggings for some reason? Or straw hats? Sometimes, you don’t know what you have, so you keep re-buying the same thing.


Understand your changes, via clothing

You’ll learn how much you’ve changed and grown through looking through old clothes. There are clothes you no longer feel happy in. Why is that? Perhaps they represent another time in your life when you were somebody else.


Hang up the things that matter to you

You’ll find old and special items that you’d like to display around your home. Family photos, childhood artwork, souvenirs from trips…these things represent who you are and what you love. They should be up on shelves and walls.


A weight is lifted

Something about getting rid of unused items removes an emotional weight from your body. You didn’t really realize you carried that weight until getting rid of the stuff, but it’s clear once it’s gone.


Do a good thing

You may not think about it while you’re sorting through old items, but once you donate things, you’ll truly help someone. While, to you, it was a tenth pair of jeans you don’t love, to someone else, it can be a much-needed piece of clothing.


Spark ideas

While doing physical, rather mundane tasks like sorting through old clothes, your mind actually gets the chance to wander. That’s when creativity happens. You could get some of your best ideas during this time.


Gain a new appreciation

It’s important to appreciate all that you have. Whatever you need, you have. Warm pajamas to sleep in. Hats to keep the sun out of your eyes. Clean towels. Sheets. Just holding your belongings reignites that gratitude.


Discover long-lost treasures

You have some treasures that you’d actually use quite often—like that old sparkly cardigan—if you just could find them. Tidying up can feel like shopping in your closet.


Sell something

You may even make a few bucks off of this process. If you find something quite valuable that you just don’t use—like a designer handbag or electronics—you could sell them for extra cash that you can spend on something you will use.


Give heirlooms new life

You likely have some precious family heirlooms in boxes. That could mean grandma’s jewelry or a great grandparent’s silverware. These deserve to have a life, not just sit in boxes.


Get inspired to adventure

You’ll encounter things that inspire you to adventure, like a hiking backpack, that inner tube for boating, and suitcases.


Have a fashion show

You can put on a fashion show for your friend, roommate, partner, or whomever is dong this with you. That never fails to be fun.


Spend quality time together

If you are tidying up with a live-in significant other, it’s actually a nice way to spend time together. It’s a time you carve out, when you aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone else. It’s just you and him, talking about old times and going through memorabilia. You can also discuss budgeting, which is good for couples.

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