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I don’t know if Drake started the trend or what, but energy is a big theme in pop culture right now. Almost everyone has a caption, tweet, or post somewhere with words like “vibes” or “mood” included. I personally love this newfound push to find balance and peace, but let’s get real about it for a second. In a clapback-obsessed culture that promotes drama and thrives on petty, how do you promote positive energy and protect your peace?

For one, by making an effort to emanate good energy first.

I’m a firm believer that peace of mind starts within. If you’re all about peace and good energy, you also have to be conscious of what you’re putting out. That’s a level of accountability I’ve found many people don’t have or strive to reach. It’s a level of accountability that calls for deep introspection, and honesty.

As humans, we are fundamentally flawed. Even so, it’s not easy to accept hard truths about ourselves. May it be that we’re selfish, insecure, we are naïve about a situation, or we have an addiction—ignorance is bliss. Acknowledgement requires responsibility. Oftentimes, we don’t want to own a flaw or mistake. We don’t want to own the ugly, negative things about us or our lives that do, in fact, exist. We don’t want to acknowledge how we may have impacted other people. But what if in our quiet moments, we actually stopped and thought about it, evaluating whether or not the energy we desire is what we’re giving out to the world?

How often are you reflecting on your own choices, words, and thoughts? How often do you check yourself?

It seems easier to ignore our negative attributes or scars until they rear their ugly head again and again. There may be a pattern within your relationships, career, conversations, eating habits, daily routine, etc. My best friend always says, “energy never lies.”  You can fake being positive, enthusiastic and encouraging, but your truth will come out eventually.

Anyone who has ever been in rehab or knows someone who has would tell you the first step towards kicking an addiction or habit is acknowledgement. Acceptance is only one step of many. For addicts, it’s a life-long journey. They have to put in the work every day. With that being said, to truly find and maintain peace, you have to do the work. That means sorting through your sh-t, taking responsibility for your actions, loving yourself, and leading with kindness. You have to figure out what that looks like for you. There are things that happen outside of our control but there are many things we can control like our attitude, our behaviors, how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking yourself, “What was my intent? Did my delivery/actions match my intent?” and working to do better from there.

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