How To Remotivate Yourself If You Didn’t Start 2019 Off On The Right Foot

January 7, 2019  |  
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When a new year approaches, many of us have a list of resolutions we aim to achieve, but not all of us manage to be off to the races come January 1. If you didn’t start off the New Year on the best note, there are still ways to push forward, even if you got off to a rough start.

To help you get on track and not lose any more time when it comes to pursuing your goals, we have a list of ways to motivate yourself and take that pivotal first step. Remember, we all falter at some point, but it’s how you recover from setbacks that matter most. Happy New Year!

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Narrow Your Focus

Sometimes when we set out to achieve big things our ultimate focus gets lost because we failed to narrow our scope. This is especially true of New Year’s resolutions, which can have you casting a very wide net instead of starting off small.

The best way to ensure results is to narrow your focus down to a few things at a time and fully give those things all that you’ve got. By attacking your goals in small increments instead of attempting to challenge a full, long list, you’re setting yourself up for better chances at permanent success.


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Plan Out A Clear Path To Success

In many ways, you only fail if you don’t adequately plan. So, the new year is here and you’ve already slacked off on your resolutions, well the best thing to do is dust yourself off and write out a clear plan of action so it doesn’t happen again.

Writing down your clear path to achievement is best because visualizing what you want to do and keeping a record of it handy can help you when your progress isn’t going at the speed in which you’d hoped. You can also restructure your plan as you continue on.

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Test Your Limits

You never know what you are actually capable of until you push yourself beyond your limits of being comfortable. Since your first attempt at a New Year’s plan didn’t work, don’t be afraid to test your limits and go harder at things than you normally would.

It’s important though to know the difference between testing your limits and overdoing things to the point that you do yourself more harm than good.

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Treat Failure As Another Chance For Success

It’s really easy to get so down on yourself when you fail at something that you just give up and never try again. However, you should instead treat failure as another opportunity to successfully achieve your goals…even if it takes you multiple attempts.

Failure is a normal part of life and it’s essential to let your failure fuel you to ultimate success by going even harder than you did initially.

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Round Up A Support System

As much as we may want to go at things alone, one of the best ways to ensure that you stay recommitted to your goals is to have a firm support system in place.

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who are not only going to lift you up during your dark times, but also those who will hold you accountable when you are slacking and not reaching your full potential.


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Celebrate The Small Victories

You don’t only have to celebrate when you reach the final level of your goals, try to celebrate every accomplishment regardless of how small.

Practicing this behavior motivates you to continue when the road gets rough and also allows you to focus on each step along the way, instead of just the final level of achievement.

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Understand Why You’re Doing It

Whenever you try to accomplish anything it’s important to know why you’re doing it. If your reasons are largely surface and superficial, chances are you won’t see long-term success.

Sit down and really think about why you want to tackle the goals you’ve set for yourself, and make sure those reasons are for changing yourself and your life for the better.

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Be Realistic About Your Expectations

One of the main reasons why people fail at their New Year’s resolutions is because they are not realistic in their expectations for success. You cannot expect to make a full complete change overnight, and unfortunately many fail to realize this.

The first step to take in being realistic at achieving your goals is to take your lifestyle into serious consideration. If you have a full, hectic schedule, you’re going to have to sit down, make a weekly schedule and figure out how you can fit the time in to achieve your goals. It can be done, you just need to be fully committed to the length of success.

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Block Out Negativity…Even From Yourself

Negativity has no place in your life, especially when you’re trying to accomplish something that is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. However, blocking out this negativity also includes yourself.

If you tend to focus on the negative more than you should and as a result get down on yourself, you need to throw those unpleasant thoughts aside and only focus on how you’ll feel when your goals come to pass.

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Think Long-Term

Short-term goals are fine, but if it’s lasting success you’re seeking, you definitely need to think long-term. Set up your goals so that they will benefit you months and years from now.

Thinking ahead in this way also gives you something to continuously strive for, as once one level of your goal is achieved, you can easily focus on the next phase of it.

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