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In many ways, online dating has made dating at large much easier. But in many ways, it’s also made it tougher. At least when a man approaches a woman in person, she has a chance to scope him out, in the flesh. That means she not only gets an instant good look at you (yes, we’re visual creatures, just like men), but she can also pick up on your tone, facial expressions, and body language. So long as you don’t use an awful line, you’re off to a good start. Online dating doesn’t give you any of those benefits. Your words alone have to grab a woman’s attention. Only then will she maybe look at your photos, and read your profile. But text is literally the only tool you have to first entice someone. And with men sliding into women’s DMs en masse, it takes a lot to stand out. Well, maybe not a lot, but the right tactics. Here are dating app opening lines to which she’ll actually reply.


Celebrity comparisons

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity comparison? So long as the celebrity is attractive. If you think the woman looks like a celebrity, ask if anyone ever tells her she looks like that person. It’s a non-creepy way to pay a compliment, and will lead to a fun conversation about the ways she is and isn’t like that celebrity in personality.


Details from her photos

Pay close attention to her photos—really close. She probably doesn’t even realize herself what’s in some of them. A book on a shelf behind her or a poster on the wall gives you insight into her interests she may not have listed on her profile. Mention that detail—she’ll be impressed that you noticed.


Something ridiculous

Laughter is always a great way to start. You could open with a joke line about being on the wrong website—something like, “This is the weirdest coupon website I’ve ever used.” It will make her confused, and then it will make her giggle.


I was about to quit this app…

There are few things more flattering than telling a woman that her profile alone stopped you from quitting the app and shutting down your account entirely. She has to respond to that.


Thank you for not listing “reading” as an interest

Pick a generic interest she didn’t list (reading, hiking, traveling…) and thank her for not listing it. Everybody wants to feel unique, and you two can get into a riff session about how generic other people’s profiles are.


I saw you like enter interest here; have you been to…

If you have a recommendation for her, based on one of her experiences (a restaurant for an Ethiopian-food lover or a rink for an ice skater), offer it up.


“I rarely message women on here…”

This is another line that makes her feel that her profile is especially eye-catching. Also, it relieves her of the worry, “Does this man just send out thousands of messages a day?”


“What’s the worst message you got on here?”

Everybody has some horror stories regarding this question. Asking it instantly makes you an ally (because you aren’t sending one of said horrendous messages) and opens up a fertile conversation topic.


“No, I won’t send a topless pic”

This is another one that will make her instantly laugh. While so many women receive requests for scandalous pictures, she’ll smile when you message her stating that you will not be sending her a topless photo of yourself.


Can you give me a free enter skill lesson?

If she lists a skill on her profile, ask her for a free lesson sometime. You get extra points for making it funny. For example, if she’s a certified accountant, you can ask her to give you a lesson in moneying sometime. Nope—it’s not a word, so it will make her laugh.


You must’ve just forgotten to hit send

“Hi. You must have just forgotten to hit ‘send’ on the elaborate flirty message you composed to me. So I figured I’d remind you ;)” This line shows confidence and a sense of humility and humor.


A photo or GIF

A cute little GIF is a unique way to open a conversation. The movement in them alone will catch her attention. You get extra points if it’s a GIF related to an interest or hobby she listed—like a puppy GIF.


A multiple-choice question

A multiple-choice question will engage her, and activate that old school girl mentality that she must pick an answer. It could be a multiple-choice question about how she likes to spend a Sunday or what she would do with a million dollars.


Ask about the pet

If she has a pet, ask about the pet. You have to understand that animal owners love their pets, and they like anyone who loves them as much as they do.


You seem insert adjective here

Quirky, contemplative, cultured—whatever it is, tell her she seems that adjective. Whether she is it or isn’t it, you’ll get her talking. She’ll want to confirm what you’ve said, or defend herself against it.

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