Are You Fully Over Your Ex If You Still Look At Their Social Media Pages?

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They say we’re living in the information age. Where the answers to so many of our questions can be found within seconds after a quick Google search. But more than information, we’re in the age of connectivity. Which is great until you’ve made the decision to rid someone from your life. And in addition to not seeing them in person anymore, you have to weigh the pros and cons of continuing to follow them on various social media platforms.

Most of us operate under the “out of sight, out of mind principle.” Which is to say that if you don’t see your ex living his or her best life, it will be easier for you to stop thinking about him, easier for you to get over her and easier for you to be able to heal and move on with your life. 

But we don’t always act in our best interest and we take our time unfollowing the social media presence of our exes. Or in the case of Meek Mill, we unfollow but still backslide and scroll through their feed every once in a while, just to see how they’re doing.

Recently, during a Twitter Q&A session, fans had the opportunity to speak to Meek directly. Someone asked him how he felt about Nicki Minaj’s new boyfriend. And Meek, in a moment of honesty, revealed two things.

1. Nicki Minaj blocked him.

2. He went to her page to spy.

The fact that Nicki blocked him is not all that surprising, albeit unnecessary. Just for the simple fact that if she posts anything even remotely noteworthy, it will appear on The Shade Room. But perhaps she feels she’s protecting herself from something. Who knows.

But people were particularly interested in the fact that he was scoping out her page. And took it a step further meaning that he’s not entirely over Nicki.

That could possibly be the case. Or he could just be curious. The point is, he wasn’t still following her to even know that he was blocked. He had to intentionally go to her page to get the latest information. And that’s when he learned he had been iced out.

I can honestly say that I’m over people and still want to know how they’re doing. Who they’re dating now—where they’re living, are they happy? (Not that social media would be the best way to compile that type of information.) For me, that’s growth. After the initial decision to cut someone out of my life, the act of looking at their social media pages has made me physically sick. My ego couldn’t take seeing them happy, with someone else. In addition to being uncomfortable, it also let me know that emotionally, I hadn’t fully moved on. But as time passed, the emotions were out of it. And all that was left was curiosity. And maybe a little bit of ego. But it certainly didn’t point to a longing to be with that person again.

In fact, I think Meek’s ability to openly share that he was looking at Nicki’s page may point to him being over her. If he was doing it with some ulterior motive, to get back with her or pining over her, I doubt this would have been something he shared on Twitter, for millions of people to see. That’s too vulnerable and embarrassing.

Do you think Meek trying to look at Nicki’s page means he’s over her, or do you think he wants that old thing back?

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