I’m Not Going To Tell My Kids About Santa Claus, And I Get Shamed For It

December 5, 2018  |  

Happy family celebrating Christmas

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Let me start by saying, I have super fond memories of Santa Claus. My sisters and I would wait up in bed, singing Christmas songs beneath warm white Christmas lights, anticipating Santa’s mystical visit to our home. I remember as I got older, I used to want to get up in the middle of the night, sneak and catch Ol Santa, his reindeers and elves in the magical act.

But I was always lulled to sleep in the warmth of our home and the glow that surrounds the world on Christmas Eve.  I never caught my parents putting presents under our tree, but I did happen to see a bunch of requested gifts in our storage closet on accident one day while being nosy. Learning there was no Santa wasn’t Earth shattering for me. I wasn’t angry, but I was a bit shocked. But nevertheless, I don’t regret believing. Those enchanting Christmases are some of my favorite memories–but those aren’t the type of memories my kids will have.

We will still celebrate Christmas, but there won’t be any mention of Santa. I will tell them that we bring gifts and exchange them the way the wise men gave gifts to Christ on the day of his birth (yes, I know Christmas Day isn’t historically when Christ was born, but it’s commemorative and I still appreciate the sentiment nonetheless).

I want them to see it is me and their father who is responsible for this influx of gifts, not some invisible fat man coming down a chimney. Some of my family members and friends find my decision ridiculous, saying that I’m taking away a “kid’s ability to be a kid.” They also joked that my kids couldn’t come  around their kids because they would “ruin the surprise.” Do not fear loved ones, I’ll let my kids know it’s something other children believe and not to ruin it for your babies. But it won’t be for my household.

I personally think there are other magical parts of life that can allow my kids to gaze upon God’s miracles and be in awe of them aside from Santa. ‘How things grow,’ is a pretty incredible thing and so is learning the fact that the Earth rotates around the sun. Trees and flowers and how all of nature participates in its survival is remarkable too. I truly believe there is enough real world magic that them living without Santa won’t make or break their childhood joy.

It’s okay if that’s not how you want to run your home, but just respect that it’s the way I want to run mine.


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