Donna Brazile’s Glam Midterm Election Look Brought Out “My Inner Patti LaBelle,” So It’s Here To Stay

November 29, 2018  |  

Donna Brazile

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After midterm elections earlier this month, people weren’t just talking about the results (and that blue wave, at least in the House). They were also remarking on the look of someone who was helping to deliver those results — a one Donna Brazile.

The 58-year-old political strategist was doing election coverage for ABC, and when she appeared on our screens looking quite different, everyone noticed. She looked leaner, her hair was flawless, and the makeup was flattering. The minimalist Brazile we knew who enjoyed roller sets, a fresh face and colorful suit jackets had switched up on us:

Brazile, who appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this week to promote her new book, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics, talked about her transformation from head to toe — literally. When Williams asked her about the hair, and whether it was a full, partial wig, or her own strands, she shared that she was sporting clip-ins and they made her feel like a certain diva.

“It’s about three fourths,” she said. “First of all, the gray is all mine. I’ve earned this. But I have two amazing people, Dior [Sovoa] and Elena [George]. I was getting ready for the big election night and I’m like, ‘Boy my hair is long.’ Normally they clip it. They said, ‘No, we’re going to clip it.’ They clipped this and I felt my inner Patti LaBelle.”

When Williams commented on finding comfort in her old appearance, putting up a side-by-side image of the political strategist then and now, Brazile said she reached a point where it was time to move forward from her previous look.

“See that girl there, that was before 2016,” she said. “That girl, she’s still here, but I let her go. I let her go.”

She also let go of her prior ways of eating, too. Brazile shared that stepping away from her favorite Southern dishes (she’s from Louisiana and used a lot of flour and fats in her cooking) and going the salad route instead helped her shed some weight. It also helped her to stop eating her emotions.

“I eat a salad every night, a little protein, and I gave up all of my Southern cooking. All of my jambalayas and my étouffeés,” she said. “The problem is when you’re stirring in that roux, they just say add this and this and this. Well you know, Wendy, you know what happened, right? I went to the grocery store and I added everything. I was trying to cook out my blues and handle all of my business in the kitchen. It was handling me. So I decided to get out of the kitchen and chop things up. Or go to Chopt, and that’s it. I’m done.”

But the transition from a laid back, simple style to a more glamorous one wasn’t the easiest sell for Brazile, initially. However, the people in her glam team, hairstylist Dior Sovoa and makeup artist Elena George, told The Root earlier this month that once she saw the difference on TV, she, and everybody else, was impressed.

“She started receiving compliments from her family and a couple of correspondents right away,” Sovoa said. “It helped her open up to the new look.”

And even if she decides not to get dolled up every time she’s on TV, George said that Brazile at least sees the benefit in some lush lashes.

“She was doing something political, and I was like, ‘Donna, come on and let’s try these lashes,'” George told The Root. “At first, she was like, ‘No, I just want to be just plain,’ and I was like, ‘Why? C’mon, let’s play a little bit’ … So, she let me play. So, I put some lashes on, and then she saw the difference on TV, and she was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’ll never do TV without [lashes]. Ever.'”


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