Should Celebrities Be Held Accountable For Pushing Flat Tummy Teas On Naïve Followers?

November 27, 2018  |  
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or stranded on some remote island in the middle of nowhere, you have heard about Flat Tummy Tea.

The baby pink packages and “You Go Babe” brand messaging infiltrated our social media feeds in 2013, and their relentless promotion hasn’t let up since.

A lot of our favorite stars credit the teas for jumpstarting their diets or for helping them “snapback” postpartum, but of course, there is the privilege of personal chefs, trainers, and surgery behind a lot of their Flat Tummy Tea endorsements.

Charli Baltimore took the company to task just recently, blasting Flat Tummy Tea as the “Donald Trump of products” after they allegedly came after her for not meeting posting requirements while she was hospitalized.

“I will gladly involve my lawyer and let’s see who’s right or wrong ! @flattummyco is the Donald Trump of products!” she wrote to fans.

Charli isn’t alone when it comes to being disgruntled about Flat Tummy Tea’s business endeavors. Actress Jameela Jamil slammed the company and its celeb endorsers, saying she hopes they “sh*t themselves.”

“They got Cardi B on the laxative nonsense ‘detox’ tea. GOD I hope all these celebrities all shit their pants in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do,” Jamil said.

“Not that they actually take this sh-t. They just flog it because they need MORE MONEY,” the actress continued.

Jameela’s critiques bring up an important conversation about how celebs should be held accountable for the “nutrition” tips they feed their vulnerable audiences in exchange for sponsorship dollars. What is their moral responsibility here? Young, naive fans are flocking to consume these products, with no actual FDA approved proof that they actually work. Should celebs be held accountable for pushing this messaging in the name of money?

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#Repost @jameelajamilofficial with @get_repost ・・・ I am so sick of the lies. I was so riddled with eating disorders when I was young. I listened to irresponsible celebrities and bought all these bad products and followed their TERRIBLE and toxic diet tips for how they maintained the tiny weight they were… and I fucked up my metabolism and digestive system for life. I damaged my fertility, I was consumed and mentally ill. I was obsessed and didn’t eat a meal for over three years as a growing teen. I am not going to stop until we teach people to be better allies to women and stop selling this not at all medically sound shit and rhetoric to us. UNFOLLOW THE PEOPLE WHO TELL YOU THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ・・・ Yes, thank you @jameelajamilofficial for calling out this bullshit! Instagram clearly doesn’t care, for all I know they’re getting a cut of the profits from #flattummyco . Very shady. #flattummypops #flattummyteas #flattummyshakes #flattummybullshit #sexist #diet #weightloss #dieting #dietculture #fitness #fitgirls #fitmom #fitwomen #healthyeating #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #selfcare #selflove #selfesteem #selfrespect

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Sound off! Here are some more photos of celebs who endorse Flat Tummy Tea:

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