You Mad Or Nah? New York Post Piece Slams Michelle Obama’s Success Post White House

November 17, 2018  |  

new york post piece slams michelle obama book tour

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Whether she had students moving their bodies with Beyonce’ in her Let’s Move campaign championing physical fitness or she was letting first-generation college students know that she was with them every step of the way, you’ve got to give it up to our former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. She is so much more than just former president Barack Obama’s wife. She’s a movement all by her damn self and continues to be as she takes every opportunity to speak out against political foolishness with both candor and class and is now allowing fans to see a personal side of her journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in her recent memoir Becoming.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to just sit back and enjoy her refreshing honesty and wisdom and The New York Post is getting slammed for posting an editorial that seems to be nothing more than a long-winded rant about Mrs. Obama’s paper chase as a private citizen. “Michelle Obama’s money-making hypocrisy is laughable” is a piece that has more salt than the entire Philadelphia Pretzel Factory franchise as author Maureen Callahan takes every desperate opportunity to shame the former FLOTUS’s hustle sharing her story and cashing in on some coinage in the process. In the piece, Callahan basically shares the sentiment that Michelle Obama should stop chasing waterfalls and stick to the rivers and lakes of her financially humble childhood she speaks of in her book:

“Even more dispiriting: The first third of Obama’s memoir ‘Becoming’ — part of a $65 million joint book deal that includes her husband’s forthcoming memoir — is all about her childhood of poverty and dispossession on Chicago’s South Side. She writes, movingly and without self-pity, of the cramped one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment she and her brother were raised in, sleeping side-by-side in the living room, the young Michelle dreaming of a house with stairs. Her grandfather had no teeth. Her mother brought their own food to the drive-in. Pizza was a luxury.”

Callahan goes on to criticize where all of the profits made from the former lawyer and university administrator’s book tour are going stating that she was in disbelief that monumental ticket prices appeared to only include fold-up chairs and no complimentary swag:

“The cheapest ticket I could find, five days after the on- sale date, was for $920.81, and that came with no extras: No meet-and-greet, no signed book, no free book, no T-shirt or tote bag or even a food court coupon. Just the privilege of sitting on an uncomfortable folding chair for three hours as Michelle Obama engaged in the kind of sleazy cash grab/ego stroke normally the province of Hillary Clinton.”

Callahan notes that the tour stop she attended in Michelle’s own hometown of Chicago included a group of young women invited to the event who were currently students at Obama’s former magnet high school sitting in the “cheap seats.” She continues to reach with criticism stating that children in Chicago who are now growing up in poverty, much like Obama alludes to in her own childhood, were omitted from the festivities:

“How nice it might have been for the poorest of today’s Chicago, the little girls who currently live as the young Michelle Obama did, if they could have attended this event. It’s hard to believe that this thought didn’t occur to her, or anyone on her team, but she’s clearly that far gone.”

She neglects to mention that the Becoming tour had several visits to school and girls’ programs separate from the tour for the general public.

Callahan who once agreed that Michelle Obama executed the position of FLOTUS to “perfection” defended her rant by saying that the paper chase is a perfect example of why Americans feel the Democratic party have lost touch with the working class with merchandise at the tour stops including a “Find Your Flame and Keep It Lit” candle, $35; “Becoming” hoodie, $65, baseball cap, $35, and tote, $30; a “When They Go Low, We Go High” T-shirt, $35; a keychain, $15, pencils and a bookmark, $10.” I guess Black capitalism is insulting to some because the tone of the article feels an awful lot like making money off your personal experiences before and after a political position is a privilege reserved for certain people. The fact is Jacqueline Kennedy, Rosalynn Carter and Laura Bush have all written memoirs post-White House, and many of these women were elbows deep in status and privilege long before their days as First Ladies. It seems that Callahan almost wants Mrs. Obama to stay in her lane of the “pepperoni night” privileges of her youth and not seize the opportunity to spread inspiration, hope and truth even if it means she makes a profit.

Of course Twitter users clapped back basically asking the same question to the both Callahan and The New York Post: You mad or nah?

You tried it, Ms. Callahan, but I’ve heard minding your entire business and mineral water do wonders for the soul. Also, a Pharrell Williams song a day keeps the hate away. In the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled program of uplifting stories and images from the Becoming tour and the Obamas living their best post-presidential lives.


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