Pass The Towel: Period Sex Can Shorten The Duration Of Your Flow

November 7, 2018  |  


Most women associate their period with bloating, cramps, diarrhea, overeating and fatigue. But what if we threw amazing, mind-blowing orgasms into the mix?

For some people, a little mid-period romp can shorten your flow and alleviate pain. Biologically, when you orgasm, your uterus contracts, which could, in theory, make the blood come out quicker.

Dr Dee Fenner told The Sun: “Although no studies have been done on this, it’s likely that menstrual blood in the uterus is squeezed out during orgasm.”

The gush of blood coming out quicker and faster could shorten your period time which equals less days bleeding and cramping.

But there are other benefits too, according to some tips from RSVP Live.

As icky as it sounds, period blood can act as a “natural lube” to give your sex sesh a little more slip and slide than usual.

Doing the act can also foster closeness between you and your partner. Let’s face it, there is something taboo or even naughty about having sex when Aunt Flo is in town. If you trust your significant other enough to navigate the mess of your period, maybe you all can be more comfortable with each other’s life messes too. Reach? Okay maybe.

Getting some period peen can also help reduce the pain of cramps. Your body releases some delicious hormones when you orgasm including oxytocin, a natural pain reliever.

Ready to throw a towel down? It’s important to let your person know you’re interested in experimenting with some period secks before you get down and dirty. Not everyone is comfortable riding the roll tide for religious or hygiene reasons. You don’t want to just surprise your mate with a bloody good time without their consent.

But if you and your S.O. are ready to go, give it a shot. Maybe put on some training wheels and hit the shower first.

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