Surprising Benefits Of Running A Marathon

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running a marathon benefits ethnic group of young women exercise outdoor, next to the river. They are wearing sport clothing, running, stretching, celebrate and support each other.

What are all of those marathon runners going on about on social media? What is all the hype about? Running a marathon can’t be that great, right? And it’s not like it’s a daily activity—it’s one big thing and then it’s over. You’ll stick to your 25 minutes a day on the treadmill, thank you very much. But, not so fast. A marathon isn’t only in your life for the day of the actual event. And yes, it can be that great. Over 1,000 marathons take place in the United States alone each year—and if you look at the global figures, they’re massive. There must be some reason people get so into these events. If your friends have been pestering you to sign up for their next one, maybe you should. Here are the surprising benefits of running a marathon.

running a marathon benefits

It adds structure to your day

You have to train every day, or at least several times a week, or the marathon will be a bust. You just have to make those training sessions work with your schedule, which actually makes you more organized all day.

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Goals are good for happiness

Setting goals is good for your happiness. Breaking life up into chunks of accomplishments and special phases is good for your mental health.

running a marathon benefits working out

If you’re competitive, it motivates you

If you are a competitive individual who needs more motivation to run, signing up for a marathon can motivate you. Come the actual day of the event, you’ll want to stand out amongst the other hundreds who signed up.

running a marathon benefits

You might raise money

A lot of marathons raise money for great causes. If you don’t have a lot of money to donate to causes you care about, or time to volunteer for causes, running a marathon is another way you can raise funds for these organizations.

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Your training group holds you accountable

You’ll probably have a training group. They’ll hold you accountable to working out. If you don’t show up, they’ll know, and they’ll text you and shame you…! Okay they may not shame you but, you’ll let them down, and that won’t feel good.

running a marathon benefits ethnic women are exercising together. They are smiling while jogging through a park.

Your training group becomes your friends

You’ll become friends with your training group—possibly lifelong. When you go through the physical and mental turmoil of running a marathon, you can’t help but feel bonded.

running a marathon benefits

It motivates you to eat healthier

You’ll think twice about putting yourself into a carbohydrate coma with all that pizza tonight if you have to train tomorrow. Running after a carb binge feels miserable.

running a marathon benefits alcohol

It motivates you to drink less

Training hungover is also miserable, and you’ll quickly find that just two drinks can affect the way you feel when you exercise.

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You get gorgeous leg muscles

You’ll get gorgeous leg muscles—the kind you want to show off in heels and shorts.

running a marathon benefits health

It’s good for your heart

Long distance running is good for your heart. Training, by slowly increasing how much you run every day, is even the safest and best way to get this benefit.

stretching during morning routine stretching in bed

You’ll get more energy

Running not only improves circulation but it also helps more oxygen flow to your muscles. This leaves you feeling physically and mentally energized.

running a marathon benefits jogging

You test your willpower

You really put your willpower and mental strength to the test. When you feel you can’t run anymore, you just have to. You find it in you. It’s good to know that you have that in you.

running a marathon benefits female student

Daily endorphins

Running releases endorphins. Training for a marathon is especially good at boosting happiness because you tend to train outdoors, which gives you an extra mood boost.

running a marathon benefits of a group of young people taking a selfie together during their workout in a gym

Social media brags

Yes, you can be one of those people posting photos of your new muscle definition and those sexy/sweaty post-workout selfies. And you can post a photo of you going through that finish line at the event.

running a marathon benefits fitness woman running with determination

You’ll want to run, even after

You’ll probably develop a love of running that will last long after the marathon. You’ll get used to the routine, and you’ll love having it in your life—marathon or no marathon.

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