How To Always End Your Day On A Happy Note

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I feel like the way my night ends spills over into the next day. If I go to bed with an unresolved issue plaguing my mind, I wake up feeling anxious. If the last thing I see before going to bed is an upsetting article, I wake up feeling rather pessimistic about things. Maybe that’s because the thing we do right after our evening activities is sleep and while we’re asleep our subconscious does powerful things. Our brains latch onto the final moments before we dozed off, and then do some crazy things with those pieces of information and stimuli. If your method for shaking off bad vibes is to sleep it off, you may just wake up feeling worse unless you take certain steps before going to bed. It’s surprisingly easy to end your day on a good note, if you’re willing to try. Here are ways to end the day on a happy note.

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Even though you don’t feel up for snuggling, grab your boo or your pet for a good cuddle session. When your body is near the body of someone you love, it can’t help but release those relaxing hormones, like oxytocin.

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Watch something funny

Do not watch, for example, the news or some cop show that focuses on solving murders. Watch something funny—something in which the problems of the characters are not a big deal. It will make you feel that yours aren’t a big deal, either.

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Tidy up

It’s amazing how powerful a clean home is. When your space is de-cluttered and organized, it feels like your life is de-cluttered and organized. Cleaning gives you the chance to control one of the things you can control right now.

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Fix that thing

You know that thing you’ve been meaning to fix—the jammed shower door or loose doorknob. Grab some tools, pull up a DIY video on how to do it, and fix it. It’s surprisingly calming to fix things around the house.

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Send a compliment

Do you have a friend who is always encouraging? A friend who persists in the face of challenges? If you think something nice about someone, text them the compliment. You’ll both feel better after.

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Make yourself a good meal

Pull up a recipe for something you love to order at restaurants, and make it for yourself at home. Cooking is very meditative and calming, and creating a recipe gives you a sense of accomplishment. Then, eating something yummy sparks those feel-good chemicals in your brain.

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Count your blessings

Take a few minutes to forget about the bad that happened that day, and focus on the good. Force yourself to list off—either out loud or on a piece of paper—the accomplishments and blessings of the day. Maybe that neighbor, who always parks uncomfortably close to you, moved. That’s a blessing!

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Call a friend and laugh about it

Don’t just stew in your anger and brood about it. You give it too much power that way. Call a friend and vent about it. You know you’ll both just end up laughing about it.

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Do something nice for your pet

Fido would probably love a good play session, a long ear scratch, or a walk in his favorite park. Doing something nice for someone who relies so much on you for his happiness makes you feel good.

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Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is powerful stuff. It can completely alter your mood. You could go all out and have an at-home spa night, too.

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Take a bath

If you take a bath, you will emerge feeling like you have no problems in the world. Baths are so good for our bodies and minds. And, if your bath needs a scrub down, you can clean it before getting in, which will also help you feel better.

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Do some prep work

Are there some things you can prepare now, that will make your life easier later? Maybe you can strip the guest bed now, since you know tomorrow you’ll have to clean those sheets for your guest arriving the following day. Maybe you can order groceries online, and really take the time to put some coupons to use.

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Put something good in the calendar

Make a concrete plan to do something fun with friends (or with yourself!) If you find a festival you want to go to with friends, get tickets and round up the girls. If you find a free piano concert you want to attend at the local music conservatory, put it in your calendar.

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Do something nostalgic from the good old days

Is there something that takes you back to those good old days of childhood—those days when you felt totally free and untethered by responsibilities and fears? Maybe it’s a TV show, or a song.

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Prepare for a good morning

Do some things tonight to make tomorrow morning great. Perhaps you could whip up some raw eggs with yummy add-ins like bell peppers and cheese, so tomorrow, all you have to do is heat up the stove and make that omelet.

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