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doula and midwife

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If you’re an expecting mother who is considering a doula, you may be thinking, “Well, I already have a doctor, so why do I need someone else?” But doctors and doulas provide completely different services and fulfill different roles in your life. Your doctor cares about you, loves babies (probably), and has a lot of important knowledge. But he has a lot of other responsibilities and priorities, probably focuses on a wide variety of pregnancy and fertility topics, and likely only has textbook knowledge when it comes to carrying out a healthy pregnancy and labor. A doula has a completely different, focused set of knowledge, and she will be there to fill in the (major) gaps that your doctor simply cannot help you with. Having a doula will make you feel completely supported during this important change. Here are reasons you should get a doula.

doula and midwife

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She’ll get to know you well

A doula will spend a lot of time with you. She may visit you several times a week, and stay for several hours. She will get to know you, your family, and your wishes for pregnancy and delivery very well. You’ll develop a rapport you just don’t have with your doctor.

doula and midwife

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She won’t be in a rush

A doula will never make you feel as if she’s in a rush. She isn’t just checking some numbers off a chart and sending you along your way, to make room for the next patient. She’ll set aside a lot of time to meet with you, so you can communicate in a relaxed manner.

doula and midwife

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She’s a liaison between the doctor and you

She can’t speak on behalf of you necessarily, but she can help you understand some of the medical jargon your doctor says, and communicate your needs in an efficient manner to your doctor.

doula and midwife

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She knows quirky tips

She’s really seen it all so she just knows those secret, insider’s tips on how to make pregnant moms feel happier and more comfortable. She’s collected gems of knowledge a doctor just doesn’t have.

doula and midwife

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They come into your life

A doula will come into your home—something that almost never happens with a doctor. She will see your house, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your sleeping quarters, and nearly very element of your life. She’ll help you adjust every part of your home and routine to make pregnancy more comfortable. She’ll also help you prepare the home for when your baby arrives.

doula and midwife

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Their bedside manner is everything

Doulas have an incredible bedside manner. You don’t even really need the term “bedside manner” in the world of doulas because you won’t find one who doesn’t have it—it’s built into their DNA practically. Doulas love mothers, babies, and the world of pregnancy. They feel that being a doula is more than a job: it’s a calling.

doula and midwife

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They can reduce the incidents of medication

Women who use doulas are nine percent less likely to use pain medication and 31 percent less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to make labor go quicker.

doula and midwife

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They can reduce the chances of a c-section

Women who use doulas are also substantially less likely to need a cesarean section. Considering that cesareans are major operations that can come with complications, it’s best to avoid them if possible.

doula and midwife

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They can shorten labor times

Doulas have been shown to significantly reduce the labor time. They teach mothers about different labor positions and breathing techniques to help the whole thing go smoothly, and perhaps more speedily.

doula and midwife

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Doulas help the whole family

Doulas don’t only help the mama—they help the whole family. They talk to everyone about how they can better adjust to this change, and how they can help the mother.

doula and midwife

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They’re all about mama’s comfort

Ultimately, doulas are incredible listeners and willing to do whatever it takes to make the expecting or new mama comfortable.

doula and midwife

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They help after birth, too

A doula will help you in the critical and overwhelming days and weeks that follow the birth. They’ll help you make your home a happy nest for your baby and get you adjusted to having a baby around.

doula and midwife

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They help with postpartum depression

Some doulas also specialize in helping with postpartum depression. Having that extra support during such a difficult time can be invaluable.

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You can hire one at any time

You don’t need to commit to having a doula for all of your pregnancy. You can hire one at any time, including after giving birth.

doula and midwife

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Many insurance plans cover them

Many health insurance plans with maternity benefits now cover doulas, meaning they don’t need to be a major expense.

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