Mrs. Noire: 5 Websites That Saved Me While Wedding Planning

October 19, 2018  |  

Wedding Planning

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I got married earlier this month, and it largely went off without a hitch. That’s thanks in no small part to a handful of invaluable websites that made wedding planning so much easier.

Planning a wedding is not easy for everyone. Brides like myself might have visions of DIY eleganza, but lack the time to make those dreams a reality. Others may want to achieve a high-end look without having to have their wedding party drop a paycheck on wedding attire. Or maybe you just need quick solutions to last-minute disasters. If you know where to look, you can find exactly what you need.

But, if you don’t have the time to do your Googling, here’s a rundown of the websites that were a huge help to me while planning the big day!
Most of the decorations that I bought for my wedding day were from Amazon. Specifically, the flower garlands that everyone thought were so pretty were all bought online. I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted at local craft stores in the way of flowers, but Amazon had what I needed to achieve the look I wanted. My hubby couldn’t grasp the vision I was going for while purchasing all of the floral garlands, but he understood on our wedding day–and he had to admit that it looked beautiful. Best of all, I didn’t need to break the bank to get everything.
It is not an exaggeration that Azazie outfitted most of my bridal party. I had my girls get their custom-made bridesmaid dresses from Azazie (and they looked GORGEOUS). My mom got her Mother of the Bride (MOB) dress there as well — their selection of MOB dresses needs some bolstering, but there were still a number of lovely options to choose from. I also got my veil at Azazi after reaching my wit’s end trying to find a pretty veil that was not overly expensive. I refused to pay upwards of $300 for what basically amounts to a piece of tulle and a hair comb. Azazie had something that was my style, on trend, and cost under $40. It was also delivered to me within two weeks.
There are a number of online wedding planning hubs, but Zola was my favorite. I built our wedding website and our registry on Zola. Almost everything that required communication with guests (like RSVPs) could be done through Zola, and it gave us the option of setting up a cash fund as part of our registry. We didn’t have to go to a separate website to do that. I also enjoyed that I could set up my guest list on Zola, and our guests could confirm whether they were attending or not–and pick their meal options–online. This was a real life saver as our venue deadline approached and a number of our guests had not replied. No matter how far in advance you send your invites, just know that not everyone is going to respond in time. Giving everyone the ability to RSVP online makes things a little easier on everyone. Not only that, but it gives you the most up-to-date list of confirmations.
Picking a vendor like a DJ is really kind of a crapshoot when it comes planning your wedding. Many of us who get married won’t have the occasion to hire a DJ before planning our own weddings. The Internet is littered with self-proclaimed DJs, but you need to get the right one to set the tone for your reception. was a huge help in that department. We signed up for an account on the website, and we were immediately linked with an account agent who helped us find a few options for a DJ. All that was left was to go through the different profiles and see which one was the best fit for what we wanted our reception to sound like.
When I found out that the programs, table numbers, and place cards I had ordered wouldn’t arrive until after my wedding, I was left reeling. I had a week to get those designed and printed, and Etsy was the perfect place to find an affordable solution. Anyone that has gone to Etsy knows that there is an entire section just for wedding planning. Among the offerings are all of the wedding stationary I was going to need. Many vendors offer downloadable templates that you can get immediately. Some, like the vendor Swell & Grand, even offer elegant templates that you can fully customize, which is what I went for. Very fortunately, I was able to piece together a suite of stationary that had a consistent theme. With a little tweaking to the color scheme, I had replaced everything I needed with something that was even better–and it came a fraction of the cost.

Honorable Mention:
I had a hard time figuring out what wedding jewelry I wanted to wear. Everything I had been seeing was very nice, but ultimately not my style. That’s when I decided to take a look at, which is a vendor I had considered ordering my wedding dress from. While I didn’t purchase my dress from there, I was able to find a set of wedding jewelry that was perfect for me and fit with the overall aesthetic of our day.

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