Petty Fights You Have When You Need Time Apart

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relationship and fights is making life difficult for this young couple

When your partner is your best friend and roommate, you’re bound to spend a lot of time together. You’ll coordinate your social calendars, run errands together, and try to get ready for bed at the same time. Because being with your bestie is the best…until it’s not. Even your best friend (who you have sex with) can get on your nerves. When that happens, you start picking the pettiest of fights. If you told the younger version of yourself that you would ever fight with your partner about these things, she’d be mortified. But it happens to even the best couples. It’s important to recognize when it’s time to take time apart, in order to avoid a major blowup. If you’re having these fights you need space.


Who moved the body wash

Or the back scrub, the shared face towel, the remote control, the kitchen scissors. If a thing you use regularly isn’t in its place, you feel like your partner is plotting to ruin your life.


We need to switch cars

When discussions about moving cars and switching parking spots become contentious, you know you’re getting petty. You call your partner, from your car, as you hover outside—giving him the chance to come out and switch with you, so he doesn’t have to move your car early in the morning. But, you only give him 20 seconds until you just park, and tell him it’s his problem for not answering the phone.


Backseat driving

Life’s about the journey. Trips with your man are about the journey. But when you’re on each other’s nerves, trips are about how your partner missed two turns in a row and how, because of that, the better parking spots will be taken by the time you arrive.


You woke me up

Remember when you used to be happy if your partner woke you up, because you were just so in love that you were happy to see him? Now it’s full on war if he accidentally makes a sound and wakes you up.


You ate my food

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Until you’re driving me crazy and then you ate the last slice of leftover pizza I was planning to have as a late night snack. Then what’s mine is mine and you took it!


We always hang with your friends

When those fights begin to erupt about whose friends you see more, it’s probably time to split up for a while and see your own friends, separately.


It’s your turn to…

Keeping score in a relationship is never a good thing. When things are going smoothly, you’re too happy to keep score. But when your partner is on your last nerve, you keep very single tiny score including who last refilled the hand soap dispenser.


I buy all the…

If you find yourselves arguing about who buys all the toilet paper/window cleaner/coffee, it’s time to take time apart. You’re supposed to just be happy to provide those things for your partner, remember?


You’re chewing loudly

Oh boy. When you’re on each other about how loudly you chew, it’s probably time to take a trip…not with each other…for like a week. Learn to miss each other again.


You’re obsessed with that topic

It’s usually cute when your partner is obsessed with talking about how he’d survive the apocalypse. So when you find yourself rolling your eyes when he brings it up and saying, “Again?” it could be break time.


You’re making too much noise

If you’re feeling that your partner is making too much noise in general—from singing in the shower to putting away clothes—you know you need some space. The man has to live in his home for goodness sake.


Can I have the kitchen to myself?

It’s supposed to be fun and romantic when you’re both trying to cook in a small kitchen at the same time, maneuvering around each other and reaching for the same salt shaker. So when you literally ask your partner to go away so you can have the kitchen to yourself, well, that’s not good.


I am done running errands

Hey, you love your boo—remember? So when you’re already out and about, and he’s cozy at home, and he calls you and asks you to pick up his favorite ice cream, it should make you happy to do it. It shouldn’t make your blood boil.


Your anxiety is causing me anxiety

If you have a partner with anxiety, then you know what you signed up for. And, typically, you’re happy to help calm him down. So when you begin to feel like your partner’s anxiety is rubbing off on you, it’s time for some space.


You’re not listening

Feeling paranoid that your partner is never fully listening to you is a sign that you need some space. He honestly may not be listening because you’re literally always together.

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