#MAFS: Mia And Tristan Reunited Again And Twitter Is Absolutely Over It

October 10, 2018  |  
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Tristan and Mia


I was sure after last week’s episode of Married at First Sight that we were going to tune in again and Tristan and Mia were going to be preparing to go their separate ways ahead of decision day. But on Tuesday night’s episode, Mia surprisingly returned from her late-night escape and called Tristan in the hopes that they could talk things out. She also reneged on her (first) divorce request — and eyes rolled…

The two sat down for a conversation about why she left, and despite the seriousness of the discussion, Tristan literally laid on the couch with his feet on Mia the entire time. What a metaphor for their relationship:

He told her that if decision day were tomorrow, after she got up and left and asked for a divorce, he would say no to the idea of trying to make their marriage work. Mia, in turn, said that the way he spoke to her during the car ride to Austin made her think that he didn’t want to be married to her. A person who wants words of affirmation it seems, Mia told him that she wanted to hear him say that he still wanted to be with her and to provide her with support. He didn’t, so she felt like she needed to look out for herself so he wouldn’t ditch her in Austin. When she said she wanted to work on things nonetheless, he said that he was open to it, and all of a sudden, they were back together. The fact that the D-word was used and that she ran off in the middle of the night was forgotten, and they were back on their bullsh-t to their regularly scheduled program.

They went for a picnic, kiki’d and enjoyed each other’s company. They also shared some jokes and laughs together, talking about laughing until sharting to show that they are in a good place. Back to being big a– kids.

But we know that in the long run, these two aren’t going to stay together. Mia, from jump, has exhibited questionable behavior, but she is the one who eventually filed. That might have a lot to do with Tristan not really taking responsibility for his actions in the way that he expects Mia to. For example, in Tuesday’s episode, they had a conversation while out for their picnic, and the whole thing was about what Mia was going to change and bring to the table in their marriage. When it was his time to speak up, he said, “Is that all for you?”

Tristan never seems to own up to his part in things, including the fact that he did indeed put Mia out (on camera), that he tends to want control of everything (he canceled his insurance to force her to put him on hers and wanted her to make a major decision about moving for him weeks into their relationship), and that he comes down pretty hard on her while she ends up silent during their arguments.

But overall, both parties have a major issue with going to extremes when they feel hurt. Tristan gave her an ultimatum about moving to Houston, and when she expressed concerns, he helped her pack her stuff to get the hell out. The threat that their marriage was over was put in place. When they had an uncomfortable argument, Mia decided to pack up and ditch Tristan, not responding to his messages for hours until she finally caved in and wanted him to take her back. Again, the threat that their marriage was over was there again. How do you work on things when the threat of one party bailing on the other is always there? They both send out mixed signals about how they feel and never clearly communicate.

They both had a lot of extensive work they needed to do on themselves before they even thought about marrying anybody else. But alas, a little too late, ain’t it?

I wasn’t the only one over watching these two. Check out what Twitter had to say about their back-and-forth relationship:

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